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K-Palette 1 Day Magic Series Review

K-Palette's eyeliner has been one of my staples since years ago when I started learning make up. Remember their 24 hour tattoo eyeliner? That was my first ever liquid eyeliner bought from Watsons.. I've finished about 4 or 5 K-palette eyeliners since then, no doubt the brand that I use the most! And their eyeliners are really lasting, each eyeliner lasted me for about a year or so? I love how their eyeliners are able to last on me (my eyelids are moderately oily), and yet easily removed by water-based make up removers or warm water.

I recently received their latest series - K-Palette 1 Day Magic.. This new series is also known as the "Plastic Surgery Make Up", sounds awesome right!!! And indeed, they are!


What is in this new series?

  • 1 Day Magic Fiber Mascara, $27.90

  • 1 Day Magic 3D Palette, $27.90

  • 1 Day Magic Liquid Eyeliner, $22.90

  • 1 Day Magic Eyeglue Liquid, $19.90


1 Day Magic Eyeglue Liquid

This is basically a glue that can give us double eyelids! I am pretty familiar with double eyelid glue, and this is really good.. The formula is not too thick, doesn't irritate my skin and is easily removed with make up remover. One of the best eyelid glue so far! It can also double as glue for fake eyelashes, but I can't comment on its holding power because I have yet to use it on falsies.


I have tapered eyelids currently, and with this eyelid glue, I can actually achieve parallel double eyelids!!! I believe if I use this regularly enough, I can have permanent parallel eyelids. (I am born with monolids, but they became tapered eyelids after constantly putting eyelid glue for about a year when I was a teen.)


1 Day Magic Liquid Eyeliner

This is the new version of my old favourite eyeliner, I personally feel that the formula is the same (as good). On top of the old benefits, the new version actually comes with a flat-tip brush! This allows us to draw our eyeliner in 2 different thickness, both thick and thin. I always can't decide if I like their regular or 0.5mm micro eyeliner more, and now this new version has both!


Liquid pen eyeliners are my favourite type of eyeliner, so is this! The eyeliner actually survived on my eyes even after an evening at spa, in sauna and jacuzzi, where the clumsy me accidentally splashed water at my face countless times. I bet you don't know, but my lower lashes in my photos for this blog post are all drawn by this eyeliner!! (If you wanna try this, please go slow and gentle, and start from the outer corners of your eyes.)


1 Day Magic 3D Palette

This is an all-in-one contouring palette, with 2 shades of blusher, highlighter as well as matte brown powder for shading. If you're wondering, it comes with a dual-ended brush (hard and soft), so we don't have to bring an extra brush along. On top of the 3 functions, it can also be used a eyeshadow!


I'll definitely bring this along when I go on a holiday, all-in-one yay! The harder side of the brush is perfect for contouring with the matte brown powder, and the powder is not too dark to be too obvious. I use to as a bronzer on my jawline as well as to contour my nose so that my high bridge looks higher! The pinks are moderate, and both are matte. Lastly, the highlighter powder is a little shimmery, so don't be too heavy handed with this, a little will do! :) I prefer using my own brushes for blusher and bronzer (when I'm home) since the brush that came with this is pretty small, but still very useful when on a trip!


1 Day Magic Fiber Mascara

This mascara has duo brushes with different functions. The black side is a regular waterprood mascara which is supposed to help curl our lashes, and the white side has weightless fibers to help lengthen and volumise our lashes. We're supposed to apply a layer of mascara, extend our lashes with the fibers (the fibers will stick onto the mascara) and then coat everything with the mascara again. This is supposed to help us acheive up to 10x volume, and of course you can repeat the steps above to get a more dramatic effect!

**I have eyelash extensions on so I have yet to try this mascara on myself, but it sounds awesome from other online reviews. Will review it another time if I remove my eyelash extensions..


I LOVE K-PALETTE! :D If you're looking for affordable and good make up, you know you can count on K-palette!


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