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Make Up School: Simply Perfect Complexion

Did you know, Make Up For Ever has a Make Up School?

Make Up For Ever Academy is located in the city, a 10-15 minutes walk from City Hall MRT Station. Apart from make up classes, you can get the full range of MUFE products as well as face paint and other make up items that you can't find outside over here!


When I entered the place, I was like WOW!!!


It has practically everything...


All types of makeup and in many different shades, I want them all!!!


Don't you feel like robbing them? Hehe..


Here's Gloria and me, she's my make up coach of the day!


Here's a list of courses that they have! They have short one-on-one personalised sessions for normal people like you and me as well as professional make up courses such as professional make up for make up artists, airbrush, bridal and artistic painting classes..


I picked the Focus Make Up Lesson - Simply Perfect Complexion.. This is a one-to-one personalized lesson that is only 30 minutes for $30! I'm always having pimple problems, so I thought a lesson on complexion would be good for me.. I wanna look flawless! ;)


Some of the items used during my focus make up lesson!


I really like this course as it is one-to-one, I get all the attention and I was taught make up techniques that suits my face shape and features! Gloria explained how she does my make up very clearly and patiently step by step while demonstrating it on the left side of my face, and I was supposed to do the right side of my face after every step. I find that hands on is quite a good way to learn!


Here are all the items used on my face that day! This is more than double of the products I usually use on my face...


I really liked their concealors, the coverage is vey good!


This is a professional concealor palette that is able to cover almost any flaws..


I fell in love with this brush that day, it is big but super duper soft, softer than a cotton puff I swear!!!!


Products used for contouring, blush and eye make up.. Love that contouring palette too, it is a very good idea to combine bronzer and highlighter in one palette! Pssst, this is super useful in making my nose look straighter and nice hehe..


Eye make up! Eye make up is actually not included in the Simply Perfect Complexion class that I took, but since I went there with a bare face, Gloria helped me put on some eye make up too.. And I finally found a brand that has light colored eyebrow pencils!! (I had blonde hair then)


For my lips and cheeks!


All done!


Indeed, I've learnt lots of make up tips from Gloria that day. I find this make up lesson really useful as I can get tips for my own face shape from a professional! What better way to learn make up than to learn from a professional? If I knew of MUFE's Make Up School in the past, I would have came here instead of struggling at home alone, watching lots of youtube videos to learn how to do my make up..

After going through the Simply Perfection Complexion lesson, I'm so tempted to go for the Eyebrow Styling lesson (I loved how Gloria drew my brows for me that day) or the Complete Make Up lesson! We'll see how when I have the time hehe..


You might have noticed that I haven't really shared any make up tips in this blog post because what I've learnt might not suit you girls as we have different face shape, it is best to hear from the professional yourself!

To be honest, MUFE's make up lessons are really affordable.. Those one-to-one personalized classes costs $15-60, and mind you, the lessons are conducted by Pro make up artists! These lessons are also pretty short and can fit in your schedule nicely, from a 15 minutes falsies lesson to a complete make up lesson in 75 minutes.. If you're a make up noob, I suggest you take their Complete Make Up Lesson which kind of cover everything basic that you need to know.

Here's a list of lessons available at their Make Up School!


If you need more information, feel free to drop by their site or give them a call!

Make Up For Ever Academy
36 Armenian Street #01-06 and #02-06, Singapore 179934
Tel: 6333 0678

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