Friday, 19 September 2014


I've got a new hair color...

Remember my blonde hair??? I thought it was super dramatic and YOLO already...

But... I DID SOMETHING EVEN MORE YOLO.... Something brighter.......


I felt like a superstar whenever I'm outside, because everyone is looking at me, opps... This didn't even happen when I'm blonde haha! Everyone's reaction was super big. When my sister saw me for the first time, her face was like this :O as she walk to me from afar... Forgot to close her mouth totally haha... And when I posted a family photo (I was at the background) on instagram about our lobster feast at the super popular Pince and Pints, almost all the comments are about my hair color instead of the food... Well, that is some short-lived attention that I won't get in my life anymore haha!



I mean, since I bleached my hair, I should try some funky colors right? No point regretting not trying when I'm older.. I'll look weird if I go pink in the future, imagine an auntie with neon pink hair! *cringes* Also, I will be joining the workforce soon, so I might not be able to have bright colored hair in the future (who knows, maybe for all my life)... Lastly, I'll need to bleach my hair again if I wanna try funky colors next time... SO NOW IS THE BEST TIME, WHEN I HAVE BLONDE HAIR AND BEFORE I GO FOR INTERNSHIP OR GRADUATE FROM UNI!

Anyway, I really love my previous light blonde color!! That's my favourite color so far! Don't get me wrong, I like pink too.. I switched hair color so quickly because I'll have to go dark soon, for internship interviews and then internship and then work... Must try as many colors as I can before I go dark again! If I didn't have to go for internship, I'll definitely stick to light blonde for a few more months before trying pink.. Really liked my light blonde hair a lot!


As usual, my hair is done by my hair stylist, Jerry, from Shunji Matsuo at 313! Since I was already blonde, going pink is pretty straightforward.. Just a one step dyeing process! :) The pink dye Jerry used is from the Goldwell Elumen series! The colors from the Elumen series are super nice and bright, I had a hard time deciding between pink, red violet and purple.. Jerry also told me that the Elumen series will not damage my hair at all, it is basically color pigments that cling onto my hair (since my hair is already light in color), unlike other dyes that actually has to do the job of lightening your hair and then coloring it. So only the bleaching is the damaging part, you can enjoy changing the colors (Elumen) after that haha!!

Previously, my hair was bleached twice over 2 months prior to this visit to go pink. (Part 1 and Part 2) I think Jerry did a great job since the condition of my hair is pretty good so far.. Yes, my hair is definitely drier than before, but I still get compliments from others that it looks silky.. I don't comb my hair FYI.... Just super happy that it still looks silky effortlessly! :D   (I've heard of people who bleached their hair elsewhere and their hair ended up like pubic hair, plus their scalp got burnt by the bleach very badly.. But not the case for me at all, phew!)

And and and and and.... If you didn't read my blog post about going blonde part 2, let me repeat.. It is Shunji Matsuo's (313 branch) 3rd Anniversary! They're having a 15% off promotion (usually 10% only) until 26 October, so this is the best time to visit them.. Call 6238 0226 to book an appointment before going down, remember to ask for Jerry ya! :)


Okay, after all the talking, photos of my pink hair now! No more words, just enjoy the photos.. Was lucky to have found this spot for my photos, the blue and yellow is pretty contrasting to my pink hair! And don't you think that my BF's photo taking skills is improving? ;)

20140905_171333_3small20140905_171637_3small 20140905_171900_3small 20140905_171632_3sall

If you're thinking of doing bright colors, I suggest you don't hestitate and just go for it! Because you should try it when you can :)

Shunji Matsuo at 313
313 Orchard Road, #03-26, 313@Somerset
Tel:   6238 0226
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