Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Shop Pirouette

Hello pello! :)

Today's post is about Pirouette, a new fashion blogshop! They're really new, they've just started about a month ago.. Their goal is to provide affordable yet fashionable clothing for all of us! As far as I've seen, their items are really affordable and all are below $30.. Go check them out after this post ok?



Pirouette is pronounced as "pi-row-at".. Quoted from their site "Pirouette is the movement of a ballerina spinning on a single foot, portraying a graceful image. Using Pirouette as our name, we hope to bring to our customers clothes with a tinge of elegance."

So here are the 3 pieces that I picked for myself! :D

Fiona Peplum Top in Black

This is a basic black peplum top that is a staple piece in my wardrobe now! It goes well with almost everything.. The material is good and comfy, I like!! I usually wear it with a belt at my waist since it is pretty loose-fitting over there, and I can make my waist look more defined this way. :)


Hazel Daisy Top in Peach

This is my favourite piece out of the three I've picked!! I think I've worn this out for like maybe 5 times since I've got it? *opps* The flowers are so cute, it feels like spring whenever I wear this out.. This top is also pretty comfy and suitable for Singapore's weather, plus it goes well with just a pair of denim shorts!  :D



Justine Stripes Top in Blue-white

This last piece that I've picked is not something that I'll wear usually.. If you don't know, I'm usually in tees/spags/tanks tops. I picked this because it can be worn in 2 ways, and I find the curly sleeves super duper cute and unique, they are like slightly puffy hehe! First way to wear it, with the bottom tied up (look at my photo) for a casual chic look.. Second way is to tuck it into a skirt, for a neater look which I believe is good for work too. However, if you're wearing this to your workplace, do take note of your innerwear as it is a little sheer!




They've just launched more apparels for their September collection! I spotted a pretty floral top which I believe most of you will love, go see! :) :) :)

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