Tuesday, 9 September 2014

The Royal Mail Bar

A couple of weekends ago, we went to The Royal Mail at Ascott Raffles Place to try out their new specialty cocktails and British-inspired bar grubs!


We're at the bar that night, look at their playful baristas posing for my photo haha! The Royal Mail also has a restaurant at the second level, heard quite a bit of good reviews so I might be going there another time!


This is the first revamp at the bar after complementing The Royal Mail Restaurant for the past two years. It takes on a daring approach on classic drinks, complemented by bar grubs crafted by their skilled kitchen team.



Candid shot of my BF! :)

Old Fashioned Spice ($18) 

Bourbon, honey, cloves and a burning stick of cinnamon. 

BF had this and he liked it! This was one of the most popular drinks at The Royal Mail..


My first drink was a fruit juice, oppsies! (I'm a very bad drinker haha)

Razor Clams & Squid ($20)

With chilli and tomato salsa. 

BF and I don't usually take clams, but we ate this, so I guess this is not bad?

Sweet Potato Chips ($8)

With onion and shallot salsa. 

First time having sweet potato chips, the chips are surprisingly light and cripsy! The onion and shallot salsa is really unique too, it tasted really light and special, I don't even know how to describe it.. It is definitely not the usual type of sour and spicy salsa so dont worry. Try this if you're there!

Classic Corn Tortilla Chips ($12)

With spicy beef ragout, Jalapenos, melted red cheddar with tomato salsa, sour cream and cheese sauce. 

The good thing about this is that it comes with 4 different dips, so it is good for sharing as it caters to people with different tastebuds. Personally, I find the tortilla chips a little heavy since I had this after my sweet potato chips..

Straight Cut Chips ($12)

With truffle mayo. 

I'm a big fan of truffle fries, and this is my first time having truffle mayo. The truffle mayo doesn't really taste like the usual truffle fries at other places, but it is still not bad!

Garlic Bread ($8)

Half loaf. 

This is the tough kind of garlic bread if you ask me, it tasted pretty decent and was served suspended which is quite interesting. However, I created quite a mess while eating this, crumbs all over the table and my dress, opps!

Shrimp Paste Chicken Drumlets ($14)

With chilli crab tomato sauce. 

Tasted pretty average.. I liked how easily the meat came off, so that us ladies won't look too unglam while having this hehe..

Cubed Beef: Prime Roast 140g ($28)

With spicy crab-tomato and Bearnaise sauce. 

This is another dish that is super popular at The Royal Mail. I don't take beef so BF had this. He finds that the meat is of good quality, but the only problem was that we forgot to ask for it to be medium well, and it came a little too "raw". Remember to let them know your preference!



Was stuffed full with the bar grubs that night hehe!


My cutie hehe..

Apple of my Eye ($18)

Green apple, vodka, frangelico, sour apple liqueur and egg white. 

This drink is super cute, I think ladies will love this! Pretty interesting as it is made with a whole apple and egg white!


Mojito Mocktail - Another non-alcoholic drink for me that was not on the menu hehe, but it was good! :)



For such a classy place, The Royal Mail is pretty affordable! Here are some of their happy hour promotions!


Ending off with our photo! :)


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