Friday, 31 October 2014

Cafehopping at Holland V with T and Mag :)

Finally met up with Theresa and Magdalene last week, after like one year!  :) Opps, we took a little too long, especially since it is not like any of us is overseas.. Hehe.. Got to know both of them through MFP, although Mag is no longer blogging already~
Met at Holland V for dinner, and we ended up at 4 cafes in total, from 7 to 2am. Crazy much aha! (But we didn’t take any photos at the last 2 places!) And I can’t really remember the taste of the food because we were busy chatting most of the time..
Dinner was at PARK at Holland Village
Truffle fries!! Yay I like <3

Mine: Mentaiko Cream Pasta

Mag’s: Crepe with smoked salmon

T’s: Truffled Mac & Cheese

All our food! They keep ostracising me for using Samsung phone while we were taking photos of out food, Samsung also good what….

Ice cream at Sunday Folks
They closed the shop before they finish clearing the people in the reservation list (we reached before the closing time and we were like waiting for our turn right outside the shop), their service staffs were not apologetic at all, and my vanilla ice cream is not nice. All the popular flavors are sold out and because they are supposed to be “closed”, we can’t have waffles too.
After our ice cream, we ended up at Hatched, and we ordered more food so that we can sit there to chat haha! Truffle fries and chicken wings for this stop, we are super pig right? Hahahaha. Hatched’s service was so much better anyway!!! (Y) And after Hatched closed, we were thirsty and headed to our fourth stop! Went to Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe for drinks, since it will be opened until 2am haha…..
A super tiring and bloated night, but glad that we can talk about almost anything under the sun!! Last photo with them, can’t wait to meet them for Karaoke next! ♥


Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Museum of Horrors V: The Relic

As you know, Halloween is coming!!! Woooooo~ Actually I don’t celebrate Halloween in previous years, but this year, I’ve been to 2 Halloween attractions! Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights 2014 (USS HHN 4) as well as *SCAPE’s Museum of Horrors V: The Relic!
Went to *SCAPE last Friday with the boy for MOH 5! It is both our first time, so we were pretty excited hehe.. At the courtyard of *SCAPE (the flea area), we already saw a “ghost” hanging on the tree!! I asked the BF to act scared for my photo, he ended up looking very smiley still hor?
Anyway, this is the fifth year running for MOH! MOH is like a horror maze at *SCAPE The Ground Theatre which takes about 15minutes to complete. (If you’ve been to HHN, this is kind of like a haunted house in USS!) This year’s MOH is featuring sets such as Revenge of the Doll, The Living Dead and more. There’s also a part where you get to wear 3D glasses and I was pretty awed by the colorful 3D effect!
I find MOH a very good alternative to USS HHN, we don’t have to travel all the way to Sentosa and spend our whole night sweating while queueing for the rides! The queue here is much faster and everything is indoors, meaning there is aircon both when queueing and when in the maze. Also, for MOH, you will go in in groups of 4 (instead of just one long line like at USS) which is must more scarier, and you won’t know when to expect the “ghosts” which is more fun right?
Sorry I didn’t take any photos while in the maze! I brought my camera along but I ended up too busy being scared hehe.. And I guess those of you who wanna go to MOH won’t want spoilers from me right? If I show photos then not fun for you guys anymore!! 
Anyway, here are more details if you’re interested!

Opening Hours:
7pm to 10:30pm (Friday, 24 October to Sunday, 2 November 2014)
7pm to 11:30pm (Halloween, Friday, 31 October 2014 only)
Last entry into the exhibition is 15 minutes before closing time.
Entrance Fees (per entry):
Standard – $20
Bundle of four tickets – S$60
Students with valid Student Pass – $15
Purchase tickets at Peatix Website (, or in person at
*SCAPE HubQuarters, Customer Service Counter (Level 4) during operating hours


Sunday, 26 October 2014

Christmas & Valentine Gift Ideas for Him & Her

Paint me real
Painting People Since 1987
Personalised High Quality Hand Painted Oil Canvas Painting Portraits
Guess what I’m holding on to?


It is an oil painting of myself which I’ve just received!

This is the first oil painting of myself ever, and I’m surprised that a painting can look so real, just like a photo graph of myself! I sent in a photo taken when I still had blonde hair to be made into the oil painting.. The oil painting is pretty detailed, I can see my hair strand by strand and all the slightly different tones in my blonde hair, awesome right!
If you are thinking of getting a “special” christmas gift for your loved ones, you might want to get an oil painting! However, do remember to order early as christmas is a peak period for them definitely!
Here are some examples I see from their website


Personal Portrait Singapore


Wedding Portraits Singapore


Individual painted portrait singpore


Friendship portrait singapore


painting singapore family portrait


couple portrait painting singapore


graduation portrait singapore


Kids Portrait painting singapore

oil painting baby portrait singapore
Paint Me Real is an international brand that paints high quality oil canvas portraits that is trusted by Global Standards. We paint individual portraits, family portraits, wedding portraits, sibling portraits, best friends portraits, couple portraits, graduation portraits, etc.
We do Worldwide International Shipping. It takes around 2 – 4 weeks for the painting(s) to arrive at your doorstep. It is the most creative and romantic personalized gift for your loved ones.
how oil canvas painting works

Follow these 3 Simple Steps

International Shipping - PAYPAL & CREDIT CARD System


STEP 1: Upload Picture & Choose No. of Persons
I uploaded a selfie of myself. Please upload close up and clear picture of your face(s).

I selected (1) Personal Portrait. CHOOSE No. of Persons in your photo to be painted

* You are currently able to paint up to 4 faces, directly from the website. If you would like to paint more faces, you are able to request for a customized painting by email – 
STEP 2: Choose Canvas Size and Add-ons
canvas size portrait painting

I choose to paint an A3 size. CHOOSE FROM VARIOUS CANVAS SIZE A0, A1, A2, A3, A4

*Apparently, the prices on the screen changes according to how many person faces are in the photo, hence please, select the [No. of Person] carefully in Step 1.
STEP 3: Shipping and Billing Information
gift idea portrait canvas oil painting

Fill in your Shipping / Billing Address.
Chose “Registered Shipping” so that you can track your painting.
Remember to key in the Special PROMO CODE (10% Discount): xmas2014 (Valid till 25 Dec 2014) OR vday2014 (Valid till 14 Feb 2015)
Click Check Out.
* You may also choose to select “Send as a Gift”, whereby you would need to fill in your recipient’s information. I think it is a great gift, for your friends and loved ones. Surprise them now!


I was very amazed by how good their customer service was, they sent me 3 emails in total.
1st Email: Thank you for purchasing from
2nd Email: Your order has been Painted.
3rd Email: Your Painting has been Shipped Out, with your Registered Shipping “TRACKING NUMBER”.

If you would like to have your hand painted portrait, just in time for CHRISTMAS, Don’t waste any more time, this is precisely the right time. Order it now, via Paypal, select “Send as a GIFT” to write a “Love Note/Message” to your special someone.
Use this PROMO CODE to enjoy
10% discount all Paintings: xmas2014 OR vday2014

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Bellabox Bday Blowout!

This month’s Bellabox is really special, I mean October 2014′s, it is not just any of the previous monthly Bellabox!


Because.... It is Bellabox's third birthday!! Happy Birthday to Bellabox, love you! xoxo 

And also because... I am on the inforcard with a few other beauty bloggers!!!! Special right? Ahahahaha.. (But my eyes very small in the photo opps)
More about the contents…

Benefit’s fans will be happy to know that there should be at least a Benefit sample in most of the boxes this month! Lucky me actually received 2 Benefit samples, namely Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real! Push Up Liner as well as Benefit Cosmetics Stay Don’t Stray Primer. Lucky me! :D
Also, there is Creme Simon in my Bellabox too! 1 full-sized item and 2 samples to be exact. I’ve seen beauty bloggers raving about Creme Simon, and finally it is my turn to try out their products. I’ve received the deluxe samples for Creme Universelle which is a body moisturiser as well as their Brightening Detox Restorative Sleeping Mask which is a leave on sleeping mask. Also, I’ve got a full-sized Brightening Detox Multi-Benefits Eye Treatment which retails at S$23, can’t wait to try out this product especially, haven’t been using as eye creams lately!~
Another favourite of mine is this SpectraBAN Sensitive 30 Sunscreen for sensitive skin! What I’ve received is a 20g sample, which is considerably big for a sample, definitely enough to bring along for overseas trips! I noticed that Bellabox has been constantly putting sunscreens in their boxes for the past few months, which is awesome because I don’t even have to purchase my own sunblock anymore when I have monthly supply of deluxe sample sunscreens hehe!
Another behind the scene photo of myself~

Makeup and hair was done by @beautifymesg FYI, they gave me a super unique look that I’ve never tried before!


With Alene who’s also featured in the infocard!

Goodies from Bellabox and other sponsors, thank you for the love!! Will review these items separately when I use them.. Super excited to start on the Erabelle brow pencils, Motives makeup from @beautifymesg and Laura Mercier as well as Benta Berry exfoliator!

Thank you Bellabox for inviting me be part of your Birthday Blowout session! ♥♥♥

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Etude House Flagship Store Is Now Open!

Yay for all those Etude House Fans like me, good news for you! I was really happy to know that Etude House is gonna have flagship store in Singapore at Wisma Atria, and this is the biggest flagship store in the world!!! *gasp* So you know where to go when you want to know the newest launches, most extensive and updated collections of products, and even limited edition collections (read more to know what are they)!


I attended the grand opening of the world’s largest Etude House flagship store last week, and I LOVE THE PLACE SO SO MUCH!! The whole shop is literally princess-land!! The new flagship store boasts a 2,300-square-feet space inspired by the motif of a Princess Palace.. Although it is huge, it was still mad crowded that day.. So many people loving Etude House! :)
There is a life-sized regal pumpkin carriage in store, where we can go in and take photos! *squeals*


The pretty interior..

I was the princess for a moment hehe…

Etude House also flew in some cute Korean guys just for the opening event! They really looked like they walked out from a K-pop poster to me!! Some of us girls were going gaga over them haha…

Pretty display of products that I loveeee~

All the different cushions that Etude House carry… There is a new purple cushion if you don’t know!


They can make everything look so cute!

Full rack of lipsticks :O :O :O


Cutesy perfumes at $20 only.. And PSSSSTT, the perfumes are exclusive and only available at Wisma Atria’s branch!! (I got one for myself too hehe)
Pretty cupcakes :)


Etude House also invited Pony from Korea (she’s a famous beauty youtuber) to do live makeup demonstrations as well as Xu Bin (a mediacorp artiste) to grace the event. I only caught Pony and I was leaving when Xu Bin arrived..
Everyone crowding around to look at Pony’s make up demo! She’s really good with the Etude House Play 101 Pencils which can be used a concealor, eyeshadow, eyeliner, blusher, lipstick, etc… You can go youtube to search for her videos!
Was given some credit to spend at the shop that day, you can imagine how happy I was!

Shopping time lalala!

Me busy picking out what I want to get!

Was also given 2 pink coins upon entering the store, and we can use the pink token at the photo booth or capsule machine for charms to decorate our etude house bracelet.. Yes, shoppers can get pink tokens too with a minimum spending $30 at the flagship store!
Decided to spend my pink tokens at the photo booth! Photo are memories right? :)

Some photos I took with Theresa and Trish..

Here are the capsule machines, just right beside the photobooth!

Apart from those mentioned above, what is even more exciting is that this new flagship store features ETUDE HOUSE’s first-ever makeover studio in Singapore with professional makeup artists available for shoppers to experience a beautiful transformation at any time.
If I ever want to buy any makeup or stuffs from Etude House, I’ll definitely visit this flagship branch hehe! They really have everything a girl will love!~~ They’re located at Wisma Atria #B1-20/21/22, one of the first few stores from Orchard MRT station..
And now… Time to see what goodie’s I’ve got! Don’t too jelly ok? You can get these from the flagship store too! :P

Limited edition Etude House vanity case given to us bloggers.. And the contents are totally unexpectedly awesome!!!!

:O :O :O YES THE WHOLE SERIES OF THEIR LIMITED EDITION DISNEY PRINCESS COLLECTION!!! This pretty and irresistable collection are packaged like fairytale books and consists of four different lines – Snow White, Cinderella, Belle and Jasmine. The whole collection include an assortment of BB cream, mascara, blusher, eye shadow and even nail polish, enough to give yourself a princess-y makeover! I will review this collection soon in another blogpost~ You can get all these items separately, but do note that this collection is limited edition and only available at the Wisma Atria flagship store!
Lastly, what I’ve picked for myself with the credits given.. And I overspent opps! Bite Me Eau De Perfume that smells fresh and citrus-y, Fresh Cherry Tint (which is my favourite and daily lip tint at the moment) in PK001 Cherry Pink which I have not tried before yet, Play Therapy Soft Clay Pack which is an oil-control mask to deal with my oily and pimple-prone skin, and lastly, Surprise Me Essence Concealor which seems pretty good when I tried the tester at the store.
The other items, such as the Etude House cookie and bracelet are media gifts (I think); the Wonder Pore Wow kit and the Princess Sweet Mirror are gift-with-purchase of minimum $50 spending (Yes apply to all shoppers too)!
So… After all that I’ve said, aren’t you tempted to go visit this Etude House Flagship store for yourself? Yes go go go! Here are some of the discounts and exclusive items you can get there, apart from those that I’ve mentioned above!
Available in 3 varied sets of ETUDE HOUSE star products (Precious Mineral BB Cream, Precious Mineral Cushion OR Correct & Care CC Cream), each exclusive set comes with a complimentary Moistfull Collagen Skin (80ml) and Moistfull Collagen Lotion (80ml).
Precious Mineral BB Cream Set: S$25.90 (Usual Price: S$44.50)
Precious Mineral Cushion Set: S$32.00 (Usual Price: S$50.60)
Correct & Care CC Cream Set: S$25.90 (Usual Price: S$44.50)
With every purchase of ETUDE HOUSE Wonder Pore Freshner (S$32.00), shoppers will receive a FREE Wonder Pore Soap worth S$15.00.
From 17th – 31st October, shoppers who spend:
  • Every S$20 nett in a single receipt will receive 1 pink coin (maximum up to 5 pink coins per person) which can be 
used for the capsule machines or the photo booth.
  • Minimum S$50 nett in a single receipt will receive 2 pink coins + 1 Princess Sweet Mirror + 1 Limited Edition 
Wonder Pore WOW Kit.
  • Minimum S$100 nett in a single receipt will receive 5 pink coins + 1 Princess Sweet Mirror + 1 Limited Edition 
Wonder Pore WOW Kit + 1 Sweet Bottle.
From 1st November onwards, shoppers who spend:
  • Every S$30 nett in a single receipt will receive 1 pink coin (maximum up to 5 pink coins per person) which can be 
used for the capsule machines or the photo booth.
  • Minimum S$50 nett in a single receipt will receive 1 pink coins + 1 Princess Sweet Mirror + 1 Limited Edition 
Wonder Pore WOW Kit.
  • Minimum S$100 nett in a single receipt will receive 3 pink coins + 1 Princess Sweet Mirror + 1 Limited Edition 
Wonder Pore WOW Kit + 1 Sweet Bottle.
The new ETUDE HOUSE Flagship Store is located at Wisma Atria #B1-20/21/22. Opening Hours: 10.00am to 10.00pm.

For more info, please visit their facebook page:)