Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Bellabox Bday Blowout!

This month’s Bellabox is really special, I mean October 2014′s, it is not just any of the previous monthly Bellabox!


Because.... It is Bellabox's third birthday!! Happy Birthday to Bellabox, love you! xoxo 

And also because... I am on the inforcard with a few other beauty bloggers!!!! Special right? Ahahahaha.. (But my eyes very small in the photo opps)
More about the contents…

Benefit’s fans will be happy to know that there should be at least a Benefit sample in most of the boxes this month! Lucky me actually received 2 Benefit samples, namely Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real! Push Up Liner as well as Benefit Cosmetics Stay Don’t Stray Primer. Lucky me! :D
Also, there is Creme Simon in my Bellabox too! 1 full-sized item and 2 samples to be exact. I’ve seen beauty bloggers raving about Creme Simon, and finally it is my turn to try out their products. I’ve received the deluxe samples for Creme Universelle which is a body moisturiser as well as their Brightening Detox Restorative Sleeping Mask which is a leave on sleeping mask. Also, I’ve got a full-sized Brightening Detox Multi-Benefits Eye Treatment which retails at S$23, can’t wait to try out this product especially, haven’t been using as eye creams lately!~
Another favourite of mine is this SpectraBAN Sensitive 30 Sunscreen for sensitive skin! What I’ve received is a 20g sample, which is considerably big for a sample, definitely enough to bring along for overseas trips! I noticed that Bellabox has been constantly putting sunscreens in their boxes for the past few months, which is awesome because I don’t even have to purchase my own sunblock anymore when I have monthly supply of deluxe sample sunscreens hehe!
Another behind the scene photo of myself~

Makeup and hair was done by @beautifymesg FYI, they gave me a super unique look that I’ve never tried before!


With Alene who’s also featured in the infocard!

Goodies from Bellabox and other sponsors, thank you for the love!! Will review these items separately when I use them.. Super excited to start on the Erabelle brow pencils, Motives makeup from @beautifymesg and Laura Mercier as well as Benta Berry exfoliator!

Thank you Bellabox for inviting me be part of your Birthday Blowout session! ♥♥♥

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