Friday, 31 October 2014

Cafehopping at Holland V with T and Mag :)

Finally met up with Theresa and Magdalene last week, after like one year!  :) Opps, we took a little too long, especially since it is not like any of us is overseas.. Hehe.. Got to know both of them through MFP, although Mag is no longer blogging already~
Met at Holland V for dinner, and we ended up at 4 cafes in total, from 7 to 2am. Crazy much aha! (But we didn’t take any photos at the last 2 places!) And I can’t really remember the taste of the food because we were busy chatting most of the time..
Dinner was at PARK at Holland Village
Truffle fries!! Yay I like <3

Mine: Mentaiko Cream Pasta

Mag’s: Crepe with smoked salmon

T’s: Truffled Mac & Cheese

All our food! They keep ostracising me for using Samsung phone while we were taking photos of out food, Samsung also good what….

Ice cream at Sunday Folks
They closed the shop before they finish clearing the people in the reservation list (we reached before the closing time and we were like waiting for our turn right outside the shop), their service staffs were not apologetic at all, and my vanilla ice cream is not nice. All the popular flavors are sold out and because they are supposed to be “closed”, we can’t have waffles too.
After our ice cream, we ended up at Hatched, and we ordered more food so that we can sit there to chat haha! Truffle fries and chicken wings for this stop, we are super pig right? Hahahaha. Hatched’s service was so much better anyway!!! (Y) And after Hatched closed, we were thirsty and headed to our fourth stop! Went to Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe for drinks, since it will be opened until 2am haha…..
A super tiring and bloated night, but glad that we can talk about almost anything under the sun!! Last photo with them, can’t wait to meet them for Karaoke next! ♥


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