Thursday, 9 October 2014

Dermaster Singapore: Ultra V Lift

Attended a seminar last week at Royal Plaza on Scotts with the MFP team, my first aesthetics seminar!
The seminar is about Ultra V Lift, and it is hosted by Dermaster (which is an aesthetic clinic in Singapore).
Dermaster is helmed by Dr. Darryl Chew, who is trained under Dr Kwon Han Jin from Korea, who is the creator of Ultra V Lift. Both of them were present to introduce this new technology to us.
Ultra V Lift is actually a new technique to do threading on the insides of our skin in parallel lines and the end result is a firmer looking V shaped face. It is said to be able to promote collagen stimulation too. Procedure takes about 20 minutes only with little downtime, and the effect is said to be able to last up to 2 years. Amazing right? We were shown lots of "Before" and "After" photos, I was in awe...
Smart Patented Thread is used in the Ultra V Lifting procedure. These absorbable threads with different thickness and texture are used depending on each patient and situation. The doctor mentioned that using absorbable thread is the key because the threads can dissolve on our body and not be harmful to us. Imagine using threads that are not absorbable, those stuffs will be under our skin forever oh my god!
This threading technique can also be done on other parts of my body to achieve other effects, much to my surprise! Small areas such as our nose to achieve to a higher nose bridge, on the thighs to achieve a slimming effect or on calf muscles to reduce the size of the muscles.. Amazing isn't it?
I want to try it on my nose and elephant thighs.. Maybe next time when I'm working! :)

We also went home with some Ultra V goodies to pamper our skin! Can't wait to try these out after I finish dealing with the pimple outbreak on my face~
If you're interested to try the Ultra V Lift, you can do it at Dermaster in Singapore!
Dermaster Singapore
Tel: (65) 6733 3798
9 Scotts Road, Pacific Plaza
#11-07 Singapore 228210

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