Wednesday, 1 October 2014

I love G.Spa!

I've found a gem, and I'm sharing it with all of you today.. Both guys and girls will love this place because the BF and I enjoyed ourselves here very much! :D If you need new ideas for your date, here is one!
(Although my experience at is sponsored, I am genuinely recommending this place to you all because I really liked this place! You can tell from the extraordinary length of this blog post as I don't usually write such long blog posts if you don't know..)
DSC06217 is actually Singapore's largest indoor spa, and it totally feels like another world over there! The whole place is so calming, relaxing and zen.. To be honest, I've never expected such a place to exist in Singapore..  But I'm glad I know now!!
Forest Lounge (resized)
Over there, they offer services such as facial and massage. Pick the service you're interested in, and you are entitled to ALL the other facilities in the spa! You only have to pay for the massage/facial, no extra charges. Their facilities include Sauna (they call it the hot pool), steam room, cold pool (for guys), free flow of local and international food (they have breakfast, dining and supper menus), fitness area, and relaxation areas that are super cosy, with comfy seats that comes with a personalised TV monitor. When I knew about this, I was thinking, "Can I stay inside the whole day, soak myself in the sauna to my heart's content, take a nap at the relaxation area and eat all 3 meals there?" The answer is.. YES. Can you believe this?!
The Dome (resize)
Also, they've recently extended their opening hours, so we can spend more time relaxing at the spa! They close at 3am on Friday and Saturday; 1am on Sunday to Thurday. If we do any treatments before noon or after 9pm, there will be an additional 25% off which is a very good deal! Note that this deal is only valid for a limited time period..
DSC06228 is a perfect hideout from our busy and stressful city life! We don't have to travel overseas for a "break" anymore.. If you can't find me one day, I might be hiding at my heaven ( haha!
The BF and I went to after work and after school one evening.. It is super near my house haha, so happy! is located at Guillemard Road which is a 10 minutes walk from Mountbatten MRT station (or 3 busstops away from Kallang MRT station if you prefer less walking time). You can easily spot them along the road! They are located at the second level of the building for your information.
After entering the spa.... We were led to different changing rooms to change into our spa attire (and disposable undergarments). And here's the female changing room!
Here are the lockers for us to keep our belongings, and every locker comes with a key and number pad for us to set our own password, double security!
All the things I need for the spa are already prepared nicely in the locker -  robe, disposable undergarments and slippers! :)
All ready for my spa experience in my robe!
For the hot pool, steam room and cold pool (for males), these areas are actually separated by gender, and we can only enter these areas via the respective changing rooms. I wasn't with the BF for this part of the spa experience..

Here's the female area..

The shower cubicles.. Shampoo and soap is provided too!
Fresh supply of towels and disposable undergarments..
Grooming area complete with hair dryer and some necessities!

Steam room..
The hot pool looks like heaven seriously!!
I enjoyed the hot pool so much that I just stayed in the pool and didn't enter the steam room, opps..
After some girly time in the hot pool and showering, I joined the BF at the dining area for some snacks as we wait for appointment. For snacks, we had dimsum, sandwiches and some sweet barley dessert.. Opps too hungry and forgot to take photos of my snacks.. But here's the forest themed dining area!
Forest Cafe resize
Don't forget that there is free flow of food and even fresh fruit juices!!! :D
Then, it was time for our Gateway To Vitality 60 minutes massage session! We had a couple room for our massage, yippee!!
The BF and I all ready for our massage.. SHIOK hehehe :D
The couple room also came with a private jacuzzi with foaming bubbles, me likey! :D
After the massage, we were given a VIP room to rest and dine at! (Psst, you can hold your parties here if you wish haha!)
There is computer and TV in the room too!
VIP 3 (1)
Resting as we wait for our food to be served (which is pretty quick)..
The huge sofa which is super comfy! I was adjusting the incline of my sofa...
And so, we ended off our night at with a hearty dinner!
Here's their menu for the mains, I'm pretty surprised that they actually took the effort to serve local food! I would say the food there is not bad, especially since it is free flow..
We were hungry after our massage and we wanted to try more dishes, so we ordered 3 dishes to share between the both of us.. Totally pigging out after our massage haha!
Daily special - Pork Chop that wasn't on the menu..  My favourite that night! :D
Hokkien Mee
Bak Kut Teh
Baby enjoying his food!
It was a weekday, so we went home after our dinner that night.. If only it was a weekend, we would have stayed on for a longer time.. I had a great evening at, really glad to be introduced to this out-of-the-world place and I'll definitely be back again soon! :D
With their new extended hours until 1am and 3am (on different days), can be a good place to hangout at night!
Please give them a call or visit their site if you need more information. I promise you won't regret going to!
g.Spa Fitness and Recreation Hub
102 Guillemard Road, #02-02, Singapore 399719
Booking Hotline: (65) 6280 8988

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