Sunday, 5 October 2014

Pince and Pints

I was my sister's birthday about a month ago, and she picked Pince and Pints for her birthday dinner! Pince and Pints is a highly raved lobster place in Singapore, located about 10-15 minutes away from Tanjong Pagar MRT Station. (Well, I guess it is so popular partially because the bosses are quite popular and own a very popular online boutique in Singapore).
Just a heads up, they are only open for dinner (5pm onwards) and they are not open on Sundays! Also, they don't allow reservations at the moment, so you have to head down physically to wait for a table, and you'll only be seated when everyone is present. The queue was as long as 2 hours I heard, not sure about now though. I guess if you go in pairs, you shouldn't have to wait as long as going in big groups.
Me and the BF headed down at 5pm on a Friday evening to get a "queue number" for my family who intended to come at 6ish. So I can't really tell you the waiting time since my case is pretty abnormal. The staff offered to give us the next available table with 5 seats after 6 pm which is my preferred time. But we were quite unlucky, the table of 6 before us finished eating, had their tables cleared and sat their chatting for more than half an hour..
They only serve 3 (or 4) types of lobster dishes, grilled/steamed lobster, lobster roll as well as chilli lobster all at the same price of $48++. Each dish is said to be made with about 600g of a whole fresh lobster. Being a big group of 5, we get to try out all the different dishes yay~


I did some research online before heading here, and I think that this is the most popular dish. A whole lobster chopped with and served with mayo in a hot bun. The bun was indeed yummy, and we even ordered extra buns! Silly me didn't expect the filling to be cold, so I was a little shocked opps. We ordered 2 sets of this, and the lobster was a little too chewy in one set. My sis and mum said that the other one was pretty good though. Depends on your luck I guess? Anyway, I like the shoestring fries and the sauce which is buttery and salty!


This is served just like how Singaporeans like our favourite chilli crab! Cooked in chilli gravy with egg swirls and served with fried mantous (we also ordered extra mantous after the 5 shown in this picture). The gravy is sweeter and less spicy as compared to the usual chilli crab, so it depends on your own preference I guess.. Lobster was pretty good and the mantous can't go wrong!



This is pretty straightforward I guess.. Whole steamed lobster served with salad, shoestring fries and the yummy herbed butter sauce.


I had this! Similar to the steamed one, just that it is grilled!
We also order some non-alcoholic drinks but I can't remember what are they opps. Here are the photos!
So here's my summarised review....
Food: Pretty okay on the whole. Portion is huge, lobsters are fresh, food is served hot. Quality is a little inconsistent as some lobsters are perfectly cooked and some are a little too chewy.
Service: Very good and attentive!!
Price: Okayish I guess. I don't usually eat whole lobsters so I don't really know the market rate opps, but $50+ per pax is okay for restaurants/bars in Singapore!
Will I come again? Not so soon. It is worth a try though, if you haven't tried it yet!

Anyway, if you might be allergic to seafood, you should avoid this! The BF broke out in rashes after this meal although he is not allergic to seafood usually.. :O

Pince & Pints
Add: 32-33 Duxton Road, Singapore 089496
Tel: +65 6225 7558
Opening Hours: Mon - Fri : 5pm - 11pm (Dinner Only); Saturdays : 12pm - 11pm (All Day)

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