Saturday, 1 November 2014

5 Types of Food Photos that will get you more likes on Instagram

Who’s an instagram addict? *raises hand* Me me!

And so.. As you’ve seen the title, today’s post will be about food photos on instagram.

Who doesn’t love food? And who doesn’t love food that looks good? Not me.

When browsing through instagam, I always can’t help liking photos of food especially! And I also find that food photos seem to get me quite a good number of likes usually~
So here’s 5 types of food photos you can use to try getting more likes on instagram! :)

1) Cafe food

With the cafehopping trend that doesn’t seem to be dying down anytime soon, everyone will be thankful to you for introducing another cafe to them. Photos of food for two look better usually, with 2 mains, 1/2 drinks and 1/2 sides.. If you didn’t order sides or drinks, adding cultery, salt & pepper and even table decor (eg. flower vase) will help!

2) Desserts

“Dessert, you can never go wrong.” – Seriously, they look good and taste good most of the time.


3) Rainbow cake

Looking at a rainbow cake just make me happy, although I know that some doesn’t taste as nice as it looks.. And I’ll always be tempted to order a slice rainbow cake whenever I see one..

4) Latte art

Most people will be happy to see something cute. So something cute + food = like!


5) Llao Llao

This is a craze I’ll never understand. But judging from the queue at the mall, it will most likely be proportional to the number of likes you get hehe!

I hope the above works well for you guys.. Have fun instagramming! :)

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