Monday, 17 November 2014

Interstellar + d’Good Cafe

Helloooo.. One more week left to my last exams in University (I hope), so pardon me for being less active on my blog recently. Bear with me for one more week!
Anyway, I’m blogging with my phone in bed now (at like 3am), first time using the wordpress app to blog! Hopefully the blog post will turn out fine on your screen.. If this app works well, then I might be doing more of this kind of “diary-ish” (aka old school type) blogposts that I can type on my phone in bed before I sleep! Ohya, warning: grainy photos in this post, all taken by my phone and in bad lighting..
So… In the weekends, I went to the new cinema at Suntec City to catch Interstellar with BF! Golden Village Marina has moved to Suntec City, and there is no more Eng Wah Cinema.. I like new cinemas, better seats, better aircon and it is not too tiring for our necks even when we’re sitting at the third row from the front. I guess my favourite cinema is still the couple movie theatre at farer park!

Interstellar is the longest movie I’ve ever watched, almost 3 hours!! There are lots of good reviews online for this movie, and the bf loved it too, you might want to try watching it! Quite cool, if time can be a physical dimension.. Personally I find it so-so only, I feel that the movie didn’t end properly.. I’m just anal about things like that, opps. Maybe because I’m a science student and I want to know a proper answer/ending to everything.
Went to Holland Village for our super late dinner (because Interstellar is such a loooooong movie) at d’Good Cafe! Been there for a food tasting previously (another blog post next time), and I brought the BF there this time to try out the cafe as he haven’t been here before..
FINALLY… FOOD!! Was super hungry and luckily the waiting time was pretty short. (Self-service over at this cafe FYI)

BF ordered English breakfast and he was very happy with his meal!

The portion is really huge and the plate was almost overflowing! Fluffy scrambled eggs, mushroom, baked beans, grilled tomato, saussage, bacon and bread. I find the scrambled eggs a little bland but BF says that it was alright, guess I prefer more flavorful food…
I had carbonara! I love pastas, creamy and salty ones especially hehe.. It doesn’t look very photogenic here but it was good!! It was just right, creamy and salty but not too “gelat” (means sickening), I can finish the whole plate myself. I would definitely come back for this again! Oh and I forgot to mention, they were super duper generous with the bacon…
This is the Power Berries Smoothie which I picked. It was not sour at all to my surprise, but I was expecting a thicker and more flavourful smoothie blend.
Lastly, we also had a red velvet cake to go along with our meal! I was actually looking forward to trying their popular cheesecakes but they were sold out that day, boo, so I picked red velvet instead.. The cake was moist and the cream cheese was pretty good!
I might be blogging about my food tasting session at d’Good Cafe in another blogpost, do look out for it! :)

d’Good Cafe
Tel: 62199807
273 Holland Ave #02-01/02, S(278992)

Yep, so that sums up our Saturdate! ♡ Exams please be over soon, I wanna go out and have fun again!~



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