Thursday, 6 November 2014

Nivea Deodorant Whitening Happy Shave

Do you feel that your skin at the underarms tend to appear dark, dull, and rough sometimes? Did you know that regular shaving leads to skin damage and irritation, as well as symptoms such as redness, itchiness, and burning sensations?
I have a solution for you – the Nivea Deodorant Whitening Happy Shave! :D

I hate shaving, and whenever I shave my underarms (eg. at midday before heading out) without taking a bath, my underarms will become super itchy and tender. Thank goodness I found this Nivea whitening happy shave deodorant which works like a miracle on my sensitive underarms, totally a life-saver please!! ♥
NIVEA Deodorant Whitening Happy Shave contains provitamin B5 and vitamin C which pampers our skin at the underarms really well! Provitamin B5 turns into vitamin B5 after penetration into the skin, accelerating skin metabolism, promoting wound healing, supporting formation of new cells, and is deeply moisturising as well. Vitamin C protects against free radical damage, inhibits melanin formation, and helps to promote collagen formation. NIVEA Deodorant Whitening Happy Shave has 95 per cent of vitamin C to repair hair from shaving and plucking!
Here’s a summary of the benefits of using Nivea Whitening Happy Shave:
  • whiten and smoothen skin
  • repair damaged cells
  • reduce skin irritation from shaving
  • support skin regeneration
  • provide 48-hours of freshness
In just two weeks, you will see visible whitening on your underarms, with the possibility of skin reactions to shaving greatly reduced, as skin undergoes regeneration and repair.
NIVEA Deodorant Whitening Happy Shave has a floral, fruity scent of green apple, peach, lily of the valley and jasmine. I swear this is the best smelling deodorant I’ve ever tried, it is totally unlike the other deodorants that smells powdery and musky..
My review:

I would say I love this deodorant, although I don’t have the habit of using one usually.. It is so gentle and soothing on my skin, yes, not a single bit of irritation at all even when I use it on my underarms right after shaving! My underarms feel silky smooth and clean during my whole day out. The fruity and fresh scent is a major plus too, this scent can definitely pass off as a perfume hehe.. I love this scent to the extent that I can’t help sniffing at my own underarms when supporting myself on the MRT train, opps! (Hope no one saw what I did haha..)

You can redeem a FREE sample of NIVEA Happy Shave on Sample Store, so please go and get it. No hidden cost if you’re wondering! I believe most of you will be in love with this hehehe..

NIVEA Deodorant Whitening Happy Shave is available in a roll-on format at an affordable price of $4.90 for 50ml, and in a spray format for $9.10 for 150ml. It is available at Guardian, Watsons, Cold Storage, NTUC FairPrice outlets and other major retail stores.

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