Friday, 5 December 2014

LUSH Christmas Party!

Yay the year is coming to an end soon, and that means christmas and new year are coming soon..  Was invited to LUSH Christmas party a couple of weeks ago, and it was a night of fun and sweet scents. Also, my cupboard at home has a very nice smell ever since I brought home some LUSH products that day hehe! :D
Sometimes, I will wander into LUSH stores to enjoy the nice scents, but I’m actually new to LUSH products. I was amazed to know that their products are handmade, no wonder each of the bath bombs always looked a little different to me hehe..
Oh, this is their Suntec City branch by the way!

Anyway, here is most of their 2014 Christmas collection! We were introduced to their x’mas items during this party, and there are a few really cute ones that I super love, such as the christmas penguin bubble bath as well as the snowman fun! Sharing some of my favourites from this collection below..
(Psst, I can’t wait to use my bath bombs from LUSH during my staycation this weekend hehe, soaking in nice smelling bath water sounds so shiok right?)
The Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar ($11.90)
Pick up The Christmas Penguin for a mood-boosting bubble bath that will set you up for the festivities. The beautiful blend of Orange Flower Absolute and Sicilian Mandarin and Lemon Oils revive and refresh. Crumble under running water to create bubbly glaciers and snow drifts. This bubble bar was inspired by the smallest penguins in the world, which are blue and from Philip Island in Australia.
Celebrate hand and body lotion
Celebrate the festive season with this beautiful unpreserved hand and body lotion. Rich and wonderfully emollient, the Cocoa Butter and Almond Oil will replenish and moisturise your skin, while the intoxicating cocktail inspired fragrance uplifts your spirits. Brazillian Orange Oil and Lime Oil tones the skin and lifts you out of the winter party mood.
Magic Wand Bubble Bar ($18)
Fairy princesses and princes of all ages will love this re-usable bubble bar that lasts for up to ten bubble baths. Swish it around in the water for a softening, vanilla scented soak and a mound of candy bubbles. Then pop it on the side for use another time, just like magic!
NEW Drummers Drumming Bubble Bar ($18)
Drum up some energy with our first musical bubble bar! Made with refreshing and uplifting Bergamot, Geranium and Olibanum Oil with the sweet smell of fresh strawberries. This hits the right note with lovers of the popular Yummy Yummy Yummy fragrance.
Candy Mountain Bubble Bar ($9.50)
Make bath time a little sweeter with this pink peak of a bubble bar. Crumble under running water for mountains of glistening bubbles topped with a magical pink mist. The candy scent wafting through the steam includes Fair Trade Vanilla Absolute, wrapping you in a comforting embrace. If you like the fragrance of our Rock Star soap and Creamy Candy bubble bar, you’re in for a treat.
Snow Fairy Sparkle Bar
Snow Fairy fragranced sparkle in a bar! With a soft heart full of moiturising butters, oils and shimmering silver lustre to leave you smelling candy sweet and ready for your party dress. Smooth this bar over your arms and shoulders for soft shimmering skin that catches the light as you flutter.
Snow Fairy Shower Gel ($14)
A festive favourite and cause for celebration, Snow Fairy is back with the same sweet, magical scent of soothing comforting Vanilla. This year her sparkle is suspended, thanks to Carrageenan Extract, so it distributes evenly through the product.
Dashing Santa ($10.50)
His fast, fizzing golden boots will have him dashing around your bath filling it with citrus essential oils and the scent of satsumas this Christmas. Toning Mandarin, Bergamot and Orange Flower to boot will leave you feeling cheerful and uplifted.
Other than introducing us to the christmas collection, there was also a soap making session with the snowman fun (omg I really loved this!), photobooth as well as some light refreshments..
Snowman FUN ($18)
For those who were captivated by the Disney film Frozen – ‘Do you want to build a snowman?’- well now you can, complete with scarves and hats! The black coloured FUN is made from carbon black coal, to give your snowman real coal eyes! Scented with the Carrot Soap fragrance we had in our Easter range making you feel seasonal all round, the bar also contains Sicilian Lemon oil and Bergamot Oil giving your bath a fresh and invigorating feel.

Each of us had a go at making out own snowmans at the party with this Snowman Fun. This was my favourite part of the whole party hehe! So basically, we can mould this in any shape that we like (snowman recommended) and after that, everything can be used as shampoo, body wash and bubble bath. How cool is this?! I love love love the scent of this snowman fun the most, my whole cupboard smells like the snowman fun now hehehe, can they please sell this scent as a perfume or air freshener?
Anyway, I made 2 snowmans and 1 awkward penguin out of my snowman fun pack! Love my snowmans and penguin hehehe.. Cute right? Oh, and I do recommend you to do this at home, and if you don’t intend to use them immediately, please store in ziplock bags at cool areas ya? My snowman melted a little after some time at home haha~
With my cuties! :D

And polaroid photobooth with my two friends that I brought along – Katelyn and Theresa! We all had so much fun hehe! :D

Our polaroids and these are everything that we made that night – snowmans plus a penguin!


Thank you LUSH for the invitation to your Christmas party once again, we had so much fun! Can’t wait to use the bath bomb tomorrow! :)

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