Sunday, 21 December 2014

Milly's X Post Exam Pampering

When I was done with my stressful final exams, I looked like a zombie after those horrible weeks of sleepless nights and studying.. I decided that I should pamper myself a little since I am done with my exams!
I booked an appointment with Milly's (new) 4th outlet at Bugis Cube to doll up my peepers and nails.. Their new branch is even closer to my house than their other branches at Far East Plaza, yay lucky me!
Left the shop a happy girl! :)
If you don't know, Bugis Cube is located right opposite Bugis Junction (the side with a taxi stand) along North Bridge Road. Take note that they are not on the same side as Bugis+ and Bugis Street! It was pretty easy to get there..
Enter Bugis Cube from this entrance..
Take the escalator up..
And Milly's is just on the right side of the escalator, you won't miss them!
20141128_153332 20141128_153320
Originally, the appointment I booked was for eyelash extensions and pedicure only, as my fingernails were really short, weak and soft due to previous manicure experiences. I thought I'll do my manicure next month when my nails grow out and are healthier, but Corine introduced me to their nail strengthener and encouraged me to try it out!
So I had my manicure done that day too! Indeed, the nail strengthener worked wonders! My nails doesn't feel soft anymore, and the gelish manicure is holding on my nails really well even after 3 weeks. My previous gelish manicures (done by other nail salons) tend to peel in a week when my nails are really weak..
I opted for a simple floral design as my nails were short, I don't want them to look overcrowded if I do a more elaborate design.. See how sweet my nails look after Corine done her magic! Simple yet sweet..
I especially love the middle fingernail with the holographic disco balls!
I decided to stick with red, which is my favourite color for pedicure! I find red really cute and they go well with most footwear, even flip flops! Red toes will never go wrong, really :)
Before the color was applied, I also had a awesome pedicure consisting of a foot bath, scrub and lotion. I don't know why but being able to soak my feet in warm and nice smelling bath feels really very shiok.. Sorry, no photos of the pedicure process as my mani and pedi were being done at the same time, talk about efficiency over here at Milly's!
After my mani and pedi session, I also got my eyelashes done! I was shocked that there are so many type of lashes available!!! I always thought that there are only single strands and cluster... Opps!
Here are their self-manufactured black diamond cluster lashes! Super dark in color, yet curly and lightweight!
Milly's also carry 2 types of single strand lashes - crown mink and royal furlash! I've tried both before and the furlash is incredibly soft, while the crown mink lashes are slightly less soft (still soft compared to other shops ok) but hold curls better. If you have naturally curly lashes, you can go for fur lash.. And if you have straight lashes like me, then it will be better to do mink lash since they are more curly!
Since I have done my fair share of single strand lashes, You You suggested that I should give the black diamond cluster lashes a try and I said ok! I told her I want long and curly lashes, I'm a vainpot hehe..
Can you believe it? You you completed this piece of artwork in less than half an hour.. Amazing!! I experienced zero discomfort and zero tearing during the process.. This set of lashes is mad chio! As pretty as a set of falsies, I like!
Cluster lash stays in shape better and are much more curly, but please take note that they will feel a little heavier than single strand ones.. Please choose what you're comfortable with! I'll suggest newbies to start with single strand ones first so that you can get comfortable with the weight and having something on your eyelids..
Yay pretty eyes! My eyes look so much bigger and brighter with this set of extensions on, super love it hehe!
Here's a closer photo of my eyes.. Nice right?
Thank you Milly's for the love and making my eyes so pretty hehe! :)
Do look for Corine to do your nails and You You for your lashes at Milly's Bugis Cube outlet! Call +65 63376876 to bok your appointments now!
Here's their current promo for nails.. Super worth it I swear!
Milly's is running promotions now and then, so do like them at the facebook page for updates on new promotions ya! :)
Far East Plaza
14 Scotts Road, #03-131
11am to 10pm, Monday to Sunday
Inclusive Public Holidays
Far East Plaza
14 Scotts Road, #03-141
11am to 10pm, Monday to Sunday
Inclusive Public Holidays
3 New Bugis Streets
Level 2 - DESL 3, 4 & 5 (Near the Elevator)
12pm to 10pm, Monday to Sunday
Inclusive Public Holidays
Bugis Cube (Next to Liang Seah St)
470 North Bridge Road #02-12
11am to 10pm, Monday to Sunday
Inclusive Public Holidays

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