Thursday, 11 December 2014

MUFE X 5 reasons why we should use make up brushes

When I started experimenting with make up (without brushes), I often wondered..
Why do professionals use brushes?
Isn't it more costly to purchase brushes? Fingers are free!
Don't we have better control over our hands than over the brushes?
If you have such questions buzzing in your head, I'll answer them today! I've been experimenting with brushes in the past one year, so I guess I'm experienced enough to share a little about brushes? :)
1) Smooth Finish
Makeup brushes have an even and flat application area than our fingers so the application can be done more smoothly and evenly.
2) Precision
By using make up brushes, it allows us to reach narrow areas such as the corner of our eyes, which is definitely impossible for our fingers to do a good job.
3) Makeup Brushes are more Gentle
Sometimes applying make up with fingers would put too much pressure on face, stretching the facial muscles which might cause us to end up with more wrinkles. The gentle and soft fibers on make up brushes make it good for application with no extra pressure in stretching your facial muscles.
4) Save Money
Brushes will allow us to use minimal amount of our makeup, as our fingers actually swipe the makeup away instead of blending it sometimes.
5) Less mess!
I actually wash my hands after every step when I apply my makeup with my hands. Imagine brown eye shadow all over my cheeks if I don't wash my hands! (I usually do eye make before blusher) Having specific brushes for each step will cut down the mess for sure.
So what brushes to start with? Which brushes should we buy?
Christmas is just round the corner, and one of the holiday sets that MUFE have come up with is actually the Brush Set, retailing at S$110!! Note that it is limited edition and only available in this holiday season.. I guess this is a good set to get for people who are new to brushes too!
The Brush Set consists of a compact zippered pouch, as well as 4 essential pro brushes from MAKE UP FOR EVER’s new range, especially tailored for travel use (13 centimeters instead of 17) and exclusive to this collection.
Here's how the inside of the pouch looks like! There is still some space to store other things if you wish!
This set comprises of 1 blush brush, 1 concealer brush and 2 eye shadow brushes!
All of them work as well as the regular sized ones, just a little shorter for our convenience! :)
These little babies are a wonder to use, they pick up powder really well~
I've also done a review post on MUFE's artisan brushes some time ago here, you can check out my post for the reviews on these 5 brushes if you're thinking to get regular sized ones! :)


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