Saturday, 3 January 2015

Color Contact Lens Preorder for CNY X Fynale Jewel 3T Brown Review

Hello pello wello!
This is my second post of the year. and I'm going to talk about contact lens! Color contact lens is a necessity for me since I am short sighted, and it is able to make my eyes bigger and more beautiful~ The first thing I do everyday after washing up will be to wear my lenses!
Following Christmas and New Year's Day, Chinese New Year as well as Valentine's Day are coming soon!! And I'm sure all of us wanna look good in these 2 occasions, so please remember to stock up on your beauty neccessities and essentials. I have quite a long list of things to do to make myself pretty - laser facial at CSK clinic, eyelash extensions and nails at Milly's, get my hair done, order new contact lenses from Lust to Lush, etc... For contact lenses, please read till the end of the post for Lust to Lush's pricelist for this month!
And here's a pair of pretty brown lens that you might want to consider getting, been wearing it recently and I'm loving it - Fynale Classic Jewel 3 Tone Brown!
It makes my eyes light brown, major love! :)
This pair of lens is iris enlarging as usual, with a 14.5mm diameter that gives a 15-16mm effect. Fynale classic series can be worn for up to a year, so I'll definitely be keeping this pair for quite a while.. And I think I'll order another new pair to stock up hehe!
You know sometimes you take hours to decide on a color for your contact lens, and in the end, the color doesn't really show up when worn? I think this pair of lenses gives the lightest brown when worn so far, after all the lenses that I've been trying these few years.. Finally found a light brown pair wheee, happy!
And here is Lust to Lush's pricelist for this January, still as affordable as ever.. And and and, the buy 10 get 1 free promotion is still on, combine orders with your friends if you have to! This batch is closing on 9 Jan, so please place your orders in time so that you can get your eye candies in time for CNY and Valentine's day! :)

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