Monday, 12 January 2015

Get a free Vanilla Cone from McDonald’s everyday!

Who doesn’t love ice cream? And who can not love FREE ice cream?? Not me!


Yes, this is for real, the BF and I just redeem our first free vanilla cone from McDonald’s today! (Not related to the post, but McDonald’s soft serve taste sooooo much better than Honey Creme’s please!!) My friend shared this with me, and I’m sharing it with you all.. Please share this with your friends after reading, good things must share right?
Firstly, you need to have the “LINE” App on your phone. I’m pretty sure most of us have it on our phones, especially android users right? If you don’t know what is LINE, it is the third app on the first row. (Yes, the one with 999 notifications, opps. )

After going into the app, go to “More”, and click on “Official Accounts”.


Search for “McDonald’s Singapore”, click on it and add them!


Next, go to your friends list, search and click on “McDonald’s Singapore”. Press “Chat” to open the conversation window!


You’ll see the instructions for redeeming a free cone! If you’re too lazy to read, just type “I love McD SG” into the chat and enter!


And TADAH, you got your coupon for your first free cone! :)


This is how your coupon looks like when you click into it, please briefly read through it if you have the time. The free cone can be redeemed at most outlets, and take note that there is an expiry date for each free cone, which is usually 7 days after you get that coupon. You’ll also have to click on “Invalidate Coupon” in front of the McDonald’s cashier when you redeem your free vanilla cone!
Screenshot_2015-01-11-23-41-10 Screenshot_2015-01-11-23-41-19

Yep so that’s pretty much everything you need to know to get a free cone! :)

We can actually participate to get a coupon daily, until 31 January 2015! Some days it doesn’t work for me, I’m not sure why, maybe they have a daily quota.. But I already have quite a few coupons anyway, so go try your luck!

Share this piece of good news with your friends now! :)

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