Tuesday, 20 January 2015

The girl with short hair xx

HELLO, spot the difference!



New Year, new hair hehe! :)

Have been thinking about going short for months (or even years), and I finally decided to go for it! The last time I had short hair was in JC, which is like 6 years ago. (oh no I am so old already!)
Hair is quite a big deal to most of us, and changing our hairstyle is like a huge gamble. It might turn out awesome, and it might turn out horrible. And if it is the latter, our hair takes months or even years to grow back... Of course I have to think for a long time before making a choice! Will the new hairstyle suit me? Will my face look bigger? Will I regret it? And so on..
I believe that cutting bob / short hair is no easy feat as compared to trimming long hair or hair coloring, so the hair stylist is very important. I have been going to Jerry at Shunji Matsuo 313 for about 2 years now, and I trust him to do a good job with my hair, long or short. Told Jerry that I want to go dark and short, as I want a "back to basics" look. Showed him a couple of photos of short haired girls, and he started work. I left the decision on the length and style to him. (He has pretty good taste so I had no worries at all haha!)
Heres a sneak peek halfway through, before he dyed my hair a super dark brown and did a treatment to pamper my hair..
Here's the final look!
It is kind of like a concave bob, longer at the sides and shorter at the back. When I tuck my hair behind my ears, my hair look shorter; and when I don't tuck my hair behind my ears, my hair looks longer. Quite a good way to change my "style".
Here's the side view! (My phone went kind of cranky so this photo is really bright opps.)






Really glad that Jerry did such a good job at cutting my hair, I LOVE IT! Short hair looks so chic please!!! I didn't expect myself to like short hair so much hehe.. I feel younger and short hair makes everything soooo convenient, be it washing my hair or drying my hair.. On top of that, I received quite a number of compliments too! Really unexpected because I thought most people will prefer long hair. Means they also like my short hair right? :)
And.... If you don't remember, CHINESE NEW YEAR IS COMING!!! Time to get ready for CNY, remember to get a hair fix before the festival ya? Color your roots, change your hair color, do a hair treatment or even get a hair makeover like me!
Quote "yingjie" for 10% off chemical services at Shunji Matsuo 313, remember to ask for Jerry when booking your appointments! :)
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