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Aqua Acne Clear Renew Facial at ClearSK Medi-Aesthetics + GIVEAWAY

I’ve always had some problems with acne and acne scars/marks, so I’m more than happy to try out different facial treatments that might help to make my complexion better.. Went for a doctor consultation at CSK Laser Clinic about a month ago, and she recommended me to try the Aqua Acne Clear Renew Facial as well as Cosmetic laser to help with my acne and marks/scars.
Oh, and before I forget, there is a super awesome giveaway at the end of this post. Yes, FREE Aqua Acne Clear Renew Facial treatment worth $305 each for 20 lucky people, I think this is like the best giveaway ever? ClearSK is so generous! How I wish I can convert it to 20X facials for myself hahaha.. But too bad I can’t. Anyway, instructions for on how to join the giveaway at the end of this blog post, read my review of the facial first! :)
Was pretty busy with family matters and the festive season in December, so I finally booked an appointment in early January to try out the Aqua Acne Clear Renew Facial. My skin was a little congested by then, and I had clusters of pimples at the side of my face, eww… (Warning: ugly bare-faced photos below)
On my way there, I can’t wait to try out the facial!
Just a little more information about the Aqua Acne Clear Renew Facial...
This is a non-invasive clinical facial powered by medical technology, and it consists of two main procedures which I will elaborate more later. It comes with multiple benefits and is suitable for those with Acne problems like me! It cleanses and exfoliates our skin, helps with acne problems by treating acne and lightening acne marks, and lastly, hydrates as well as brightens our skin. Also, you'll be glad to know that there is no downtime at all, as there is no discomfort or complications associated with non-invasive facials usually. (Note that since this is a non-invasive facial, there will be no eye brow trimming, extraction and massage.)
I went to ClearSK Medi-Aesthetics at Novena Medical Center (#10-01)!
The pretty waiting area that also smells very nice. I was offered hot tea here to calm myself down before the facial!
Here's their clean and neat treatment room. (FYI, the bed is mega comfy!!!)
First thing the therapist did was to cleanse my face. Double cleansing, I mean. Firstly, she removed my eye and lips make up with a waterproof make up remover, then, she used cleansing milk to remove my face makeup + sunblock, and lastly, she used a facial cleanser to double cleanse my whole face. I like it that she took so much care to remove my makeup and to clean my face completely!
Went to the photo-taking room to take the "Before" photos right after cleansing. They have professional lighting system to take clear and detailed photos. We also came back here to take the "After" photo after the facial by the way.
First main procedure of the facial will be Diamond Microdermabrasion, also known as Diamond Peel. A probe with a diamond tip was used all over my face and I can feel a light suction throughout the whole process, I guess the probe is sucking all the dirt and dead skin cells away. Another type of probe tip was also used on the more delicate areas, such as the eye area. My skin felt super clean and firm after this step!!
The therapist informed me that she used a new piece of the white cotton, and told me that I will be able see the difference after she is done with the procedure.
Here's the comparison of the used cotton and another brand new one, I can see some facial hairs and yellowish/greyish dead skin on the used one on the left!
The next procedure will be the application of topical solutions - lactic acid, salicylic acid and hyaluronic acid -  with a machine and another probe. To be honest, I was a little freaked out at first. I was thinking "What?! Applying acid on my face? Won't my face corrode?"
To my relief, this procedure is pretty comfortable, I would say it feels like masking with lots of serum on my face. I only felt a slight tingling sensation at the sensitive areas, and the hyaluronic acid smelled a little like sweat (the smell didn't linger around so no worries). My skin felt really hydrated and plumped up (like how it usually feels after masking) after this procedure!
Lastly, the facial treatment ended off with a lavendar mask. The therapist will decide on the mask depending on your skin type.
She said that they will usually apply the mask over the eyes too, but I had eyelash extensions on so she didn't apply the mask on my eyes.
Sneaked a photo with my phone when I'm supposed to be resting with the room lights dimmed. I look like a ninja HAHA!
Left the place a happy girl!!! My skin felt really clean and refreshed after the whole treatment. I'm sure it is more firm and hydrated too.. Oh, and I was glowing, major love glowing skin! There is indeed no irritation or discomfort at all.
Okay, so here is what most of you are waiting for...



Clear SK is giving out FREE Aqua Acne Clear Renew Facial treatments worth $305 each for 20 lucky people!
All you have to do is to fill in your personal details in this form and also answer some simple survey questions. They will contact the 20 winners via email in 7 days! :)
T&C: restricted to one treatment per NRIC



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