Monday, 30 March 2015

Fifty Shades of Pink

What were you thinking when you saw the title of this blogpost? *winks* And no I haven't watch that movie that you're thinking of.. Maybe I will, soon!
Yes, this post is about the little turquoise beauty box again! The beauty goodies came wrapped in a pink paper and ribbon to match the theme~
Here's how 50 shades of pink looks like, and I'm lovin' it! I'll be listing my favourites and there are quite a lot that I love! :) Personally, I feel that this month's box is almost adequate for a overseas trip toiletries kit!
Benefit Cosmetic Roller Lash - This is something that most of the beauty enthusiasts have been waiting to try! This new mascara is said to have superb curl power that can last up to 12 hours. Hopefully it can do some wonder to my short and straight lashes..
The PPP Shop post-laser facial mask + card - ppp is actually a shop providing laser services, and this card entitles us to 3 times of complimentary facials, WOOOTS!
 d'skin Cleanser and Toner - Personally, I have been to d'skin to try out their facial services, and I must say that they are pretty good. Hope that their skincare is as good as their facials.
Cetaphil Daylong SPF 50+ Sunscreen Duo - Sunscreen is like my most used product nowadays, I'm happy to get this duo that looks very promising with such SPF and they even cater to kids' sensitive skin!
Asience Inner Rich Shampoo & Conditioner - The newly formulated Asience haircare is very promising, I kind of like them! This pair will be perfect for my staycation and overseas trip hehe..
If you're considering to get a Bellabox subscription for yourself, do check out what I’ve received in my Bellabox in other months here, they are awesome! :) Monthly subscription fee of Bellabox is S$19.95 and there is free shipping. More information at Bellabox website:

Saturday, 28 March 2015

ClearSK – IPL Plus Rejuvenating Facial

So this is the second part of my skin treatments with ClearSK!
Remember my previous blog post about the Aqua Acne Clear Renew Facial and the giveaway? They have decided to give the prizes to EVERYONE who has joined the giveaway, and 20 lucky winners will get an additional treatment on top of the facial. They have already sent out the SMSes on the redemption details, so if you have joined, please check your inbox in case you missed it! Enjoy the treatments ya!! :)
Apart from the Aqua Acne Clear Renew Facial IPL – Plus Rejuvenating Facial, and I'll be sharing more about the treatment in today's post. It is all about our skin~
ClearSK Medi-Aesthetics at Scotts Medical Center
I went to the Novena's branch previously, and this time round, I went to the branch in town at Scotts Medical Center. It is even bigger and nicer looking! :)
DSC07014 DSC07006
Private waiting area with curtains between every seat!
And yes, you can watch the TV and sip on the hot tea as you wait for your turn..
The big and spacious treatment room, with a cupboard that you can put your bag in! (Don't worry, you can lock the cupboard and keep the key if you feel insecure.)
Taking a photo of my skin "before" the treatment! Another photo will be taken "after" the treatment fyi..
Here is the make up area if you wanna touch up your make up after the treatment.. How thoughtful of them!
IPL – Plus Rejuvenating Facial
I went for this IPL facial to whiten my skin as well as lighten my imperfections. The whole process is kind of like the typical IPL hair removal treatment, just that this is not that painful!!
IPL is a technology that uses combined energies to gently restore and rejuvenate your skin’s appearance. It helps to safely and comfortably fade the appearance of skin imperfections caused by the sun, and correct uneven skin tones caused by brown and red spots (such as rosacea and age spots). 4 to 6 sessions are recommended, to be done monthly. Most people notice skin improvements from a single treatment.
There is no downtime for the treatment, some people might experience temporary pinkness in the skin for a very short time, and brown spots will temporarily darken before they lighten. For me, there is no pinkness at all! We can resume our normal activities after this treatment.
This treatment is done by their therapist in the treatment room. Just like the normal IPL hair removal treatment, my therapist applied a layer of gel on my face to protect my skin from the IPL.
Next, she will use this IPL machine on me! (Yes they will protect my eyes from the IPL light too, that's why I'm wear that weird orange thing haha..)
You will ask: does it hurt? Nope! I can feel each IPL shot on my skin, almost painless (0.5/10 maybe?) This sensation is often described as “hot pinch” feeling which lasts for fraction of a second, and you may feel a warm or tingling sensation for a short time afterward.
Yay bare-faced selfie right after my treatment! 100% unedited (see all my acne scars), I look kind of glowy even though the lighting is pretty dark!! :)
Thank you ClearSK for taking care of my skin the past month! :)
Clear SK Medi-Aesthetics
Contact and Locations:
Enquiry hotline : 6100 6886

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

FREE international shipping & Cash Rebates at 65daigou!

I love shopping! Who doesn't? It is even better when we can find nice stuffs at low prices! #cheapthrill hahaha.. Most of you should know that one of the cheapest way to shop online is to buy from the china website, TaoBao! I think I shop on TaoBao most when it comes to online shopping.. And omg!!! It is even cheaper to shop on TaoBao this month, all thanks to the awesome promotion that 65daigou came up with...
In case you don't know what is 65daigou....
I always buy stuffs from TaoBao through this trusty agent - 65daigou - to save myself from the trouble of converting to foreign currency, dealing with the three different types of shipping/delivery (China seller to China warehouse, China warehouse to Singapore warehouse, and Singapore warehouse to me) and checking on the updates of each and every item that I purchased separately. Basically, I pick what I like and pay 65daigou in SGD (they will calculate the sum for me), and then I can just wait for my loots to arrive in Singapore as they will do all the job for me (yes, even checking for defects and repacking them if needed). Read more about why you should shop through them here, I've blogged about them previously!
The promotion...
65daigou has exclusively signed on Taobao merchants for partner shop collaborations, and us shoppers are entitled to cash rebates* when we purchase from those partner shops. Also, from 9th March to 29th March, we can enjoy FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING* on top of cash rebates* when we shop from those partner shops! Free international shipping is applicable to all shipping methods and cash rebates vary from 5% - 20% for different merchants. You can even enjoy free express air shipping (usually $4+ per 500g) during this period, and your purchases might reach you as quickly as purchases from local blogshops haha!
Okay I shall not bore you guys with more details or T&Cs since I have covered the main points. Read the details here for yourself if you need more information. Remember, promotion is only valid for partner shops!
My loots have not arrived fully yet (because one of the TaoBao seller is not too efficient) so I am unable to show you my purchases from this sale, roar. Another time maybe?
So... I went to look around and created some coordinates to show you people instead! There are really quite a lot of nice stuffs albeit being on sale. Prices shown exclude shipping FYI, and I used 65daigou to convert the currency to SGD automatically.
Coordinate 1 - Fun (S$25.31)
Romper - S$15.61
Earring - S$0.88
Bag - S$8.82
Coordinate 2 - Chic (S$25.09)
Crop top - S$8.82
Skirt - S$11.09
Shades - S$2.94
Ring - S$2.24
Coordinate 3 - Classy (S$53.15)
Skirt - S$16.97
Earrings - S$3.35
Heels - S$32.81
Nice right nice right??? I was super tempted to buy a second batch of taobao loots as I was doing those coordinates for this blog post..
Start shopping at 65daigou now! You can create your 65daigou account easily as you can simply sign up with your facebook account. :)

Shop here :)

If you are looking for the list of partner shops, go to the main page of their website after logging in and scroll to the bottom to see the list of shops!
If you need the links for the items above, let me know! :)


Sunday, 22 March 2015

My new favourite ice cream - MILKCOW!

This is the first of the Groupon reviews that I promised you guys previously! And buying this groupon was the best decision ever!!!
Milkcow is another new shop in Singapore, selling korean soft serve ice cream and they also carry honeycomb toppings just like the other shops in the industry. They were selling 1-for-1 deals on groupon before they officially open their first shop at The Cathay, so I took the plunge and bought the deal after a few years of not shopping on groupon (due to bad experiences). Luckily I bought it!
Sadly, they stopped selling groupon deals ever since they opened their first store.. I guess their soft serve is nice enough and they don't need groupon deals to sustain their business anymore? Still, I am willing to pay the normal $5ish price for their soft serve because I love it!
Crazy happy over our ice creams hehe!
So far, we've tried the honey, cookie and honeycomb ones! This photo was from our first time there, we had the cookies one and the honey one (we paid extra for honeycomb topping). Both are sooo good yum yum yum!
The soft serve itself is really crazy good, milky and sweet, and it has a very "fresh" taste! I know my description sounds really weird but you really need to try it for yourself.. (Note: I am not a fan of honeycreme at all, their soft serve is not even on par with McDonald's $1 vanilla cone. Milkcow definitely taste a lot better than Honeycreme.) Toppings will depend on personal preferences, I like honey and cookie! If you don't know, they have toppings such as jelly beans, popcorn and even macarons, these make the ice cream look really pretty. I didn't try them because I guess I'm not a fan of chewy things when it comes to ice cream.
We were asked to instagram and hashtag our photos so as to obtain a free photo print-out, and so we did! I'm not sure how long they will have this instagram photo printing service, but being able to have free photo print-outs makes me even happier haha! :P
People who are fans of sweet and milky stuff... YOU REALLY SHOULD TRY MILKCOW! :)
Rating: 5/5
I will return to Milkcow again, even without groupon deal!
The Cathay, 2 Handy Rd, #01-03 Singapore 229233

Monday, 16 March 2015

6 Tips to shop on Groupon

Groupon has become my good friend recently.. She (I assume Groupon is female because she is linked to shopping) emails me every morning when I am on my way to work, and sends one or two more emails later on in the day. During waiting time while travelling/at work/during meals, I will check my email and browse through groupon's newletter. So yes, newletters do work to a certain extent if you are wondering.
Everyday, I get tempted to buy soooooo many deals while browsing.. HOW CAN ANYONE NOT BE TEMPTED WHEN SO MOST STUFFS ARE CHEAPER BY AT LEAST 50%???? And when I decide to buy something in the spur of the moment, my purchase is complete within seconds because they already have my credit card information saved in my account. No time for thinking twice hahaha.
Got to know my newest favourite ice cream via Groupon - MILKCOW!!!
1-for-1 pretty froyo which taste as good or better than llao llao...
Pretty good korean food at almost 50% off!
1-for-1 korean soft serve again!
As much as I like groupon, I always feel very insecure when I purchase my groupon deal. I won't know if the food is good or not, whether they use proper equipments for beauty treatments, whether if the shop will close down before I use my deal, whether the product is authentic or has no defects, etc etc etc. This is because I had a couple of bad experiences at a manicure shop and food place years ago, nothing too serious, just food that was not nice and my 3d nail art dropped out 5 minutes after I left the shop.
So here are a few tips on how to shop on Groupon!

1) Read the fine print

You need to know quite a number of things! Here's what I can recall at the moment, but of course there are more.. Just read the whole thing ok??
  • expiry date
  • what you are entitled to when you purchase the deal
  • terms & conditions
  • age restrictions
  • which branch is the deal redeemable at
  • if you can redeem by phone or if you need a hard copy
  • any additional peak period charges
  • if it is cheaper for 2 pax
  • if you can use multiple vouchers.

2) Call them.

(If can, before you buy the deal.) To be honest, some of the fine prints are so ambiguous. Call them, whatever single thing you are unsure of, just call. They can't see your face anyway haha!
I remember wanting to buy an eyelash extensions groupon deal a couple of years ago, and the deal stated Korean eyelash extensions (but never state if it is cluster or single lash type of extensions). I called the shop to ask and in the end the staff told me to top up money to get better quality lashes or single lash extensions. I went to compare the price of the deal + top up with their regular service menu, the price is THE SAME. I skipped buying that deal (that is not even a real deal) in the end
Also, I bought an unlimited IPL hair removal package.Guess what, they hardly pick up the phone to accept appointments, and they didn't get back to me when I made an appointment online. My friend finally got through to them on the phone, and the next earliest appointment slot (non-working hours) is a freaking 3 months later. So I say, book your appointment before you purchase the deal. #playcheat #kiasu But you gotta protect your own interest first! And nothing wrong with making your appointment early as long as you did turn up for your slot in the end ya..

3) Sign up for their newsletter/ get discount codes/ download the mobile app

No doubt newletters are a marketing technique, and no doubt you may get spammed with 2-3 emails daily. However, this is the best way to get updates of the new or popular deals to your preference and also be the first to know their limited time discount codes. I know some people might find newletters spammy, but this is not a problem for me since gmail filters newletters into the "Promotions" folder, and I will only go in to browse when I have the time. If you're not using gmail, you are seriously missing out haha! You can also customise the newletters you will receive, so you won't have to look at deals that you won't need. I like "Beauty", "Spa and wellness" , "Food and Beverages" and "Singapore City" deals.
For discount codes, they are usually only valid for about 2 days max, so do check your newletters especially if there is a deal that you've been eyeing. 10 or 20% on top of the discounted deal price on groupon is really a steal!
On a sidenote, if you're on your phone most of the time, the groupon app will also make your browsing experience better! And purchases can be made with just 2 to 3 clicks (omg too convenient maybe haha!)..

4) Google is your best friend

Feeling uncertain? Not sure if you should purchase a certain groupon deal? Google is here to help. You can google for the shop's reviews or even some blogger's groupon reviews (if you're lucky), and I'm sure the reviews will be able to help you make your decision. Also, some company might engage more than one deal website to sell their deals, so you can find out if a similar deal is selling at a cheaper price elsewhere thanks to dear google. I will be sharing about my groupon deal experiences soon, since I've bought and redeemed quite a number of deals recently! :)

5) Connecting your credit card (or not)

I'm gonna contradict myself here for this point.
Connect your credit card to your account, and purchases can be made with a breeze. I noticed that I don't even need to provide any verification code or whatnot when I make my purchase. Less than 3 clicks (in less than a minute), how convenient! LIKE!
However, this may also worsens a shopaholic's financial situation since purchases can be made so easily. Or you might even buy a deal without knowing because it is THAT convenient. If you are really on a tight budget, a shopaholic or a careless person, do disconnect your card after every purchase. Troublesome, but better than spending unnecessary money right?

6) Shop via ShopBack for greater savings

ShopBack is a third party website that offers cashback to customers who shop at their merchant stores by clicking through them. They have quite a list of merchants, and Groupon is actually one of their top merchants, yay to more savings! Shopping at Groupon with ShopBack will earn you 4.0% of cashback on top of the savings from Groupon, savings on top of savings, who don't want?
When I was first introduced to ShopBack, I was afraid that it will be very troublesome to shop through them. However, I realised that it is pretty straightfoward!
Firstly, we have to create an account on ShopBack which can be done in seconds by logging in with our Facebook accounts. Next, to shop on Groupon, simply go to Groupon deals page and click on the red "Get Cashback" button to start shopping!
You'll see this page redirecting you to Groupon's website. When Groupon's site is fully loaded, you can shop as per normal and check back for your cashback in 1 day at Shopback's website.
Do take note to enable cookies, clear cache and use the same device throughout to get your cashback smoothly! If you're still unsure of how Shopback work, do read up at their site! :)
Okay so that's all for today. I hope these tips will help you with your purchases! I'll be coming up with groupon reviews soon, mainly food, do keep a look out for my reviews~ I've discovered my new favourite ice cream via groupon by the way haha!!!
Some deal reviews to look forward to:
  • MilkCow Ice Cream
  • Ajumma Korean Food
  • DanmiSoft Ice Cream
  • Outback Steakhouse
  • Milk n Honey Yoghurt
  • Ginza Calla unlimited underarm + bikini line hair removal
  • Lolita Beauty Eyelash extensions (if I can dig out my old photos)

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Bellabox - Fresh Beginnings

Received my February Bellabox on the second day of Chinese New Year! Gosh, they're working hard even in the festive season... (Y)
February's theme is Fresh Beginnings, and indeed, I see a couple of brands that are pretty new to me.. such as Laqa & Co, Dearberry, Goldwell and Goodal. Also, I was overjoyed to received a full sized Laqa & Co lip lube pen in my box, the price of the lip balm is more than the box itself! Mega value for money I'll say!
Here's what I received in my box! :)
  1. LAQA & Co Lip Lube Pencil in Stranger Danger (full size!)
  2. Goodal Oil Plus Moist Emulsion
  3. Suisse Programme Platinum Precious Luxe Cream
  4. Dearberry Snail Nourishing Cream
  5. Goldwell DualSenses Shampoo and 60Sec Treatment
  6. Bonus: Goodal TransFoam Cleansing Oil
  7. Bonus: Tealy Summer Green Tea
My top three favourites this month would be the Laqa & Co lip lube penGoldwell Shampoo & Conditioner as well as Dearberry snail nourishing cream.

Laqa & Co lip lube pen

This light and glossy lip balm is enriched with peppermint-shea butter to hydrate and moisturise your lips. Tinted lip balms are awesome, they can moisturise and add a little color to our lips! I got mine in the shade "Stranger Danger", what a cute name haha.. AND I'M SO HAPPY THAT IT IS FULL-SIZED!! (opps I'm repeating again..)

Goldwell dualsense shampoo & 60sec treatment

This set is specially for color treated or bleached hair, just right for me! It can neutralise unwanted color tones with its fadestopformula shampoo. Did I mention how much I love travel-sized necessities (ie. shampoo, facial cleanser,etc) and how useful they are for overseas trips? Plus Goldwell seems to be a pretty good brand for haircare products! :)

Dearberry snail nourishing cream

I admit that I am kind of attracted to the brand name haha! Plus the fact that I have yet to try any snail products... Dearberry snail nourishing cream will brighten, refine and renew our skin as it is packed with a high concentration of 70% mucin extracted from snail mucus. It smells quite nice too!
So this sums up my Fresh Beginnings Bellabox, shall go and enjoy my new beauty stuffs now~ As usual, I can't wait to see what will be in my next Bellabox, they always surprise me! Also, do check out what I've received in my Bellabox in other months here, I'm sure you'll be tempted to get one for yourself hehe! :)