Tuesday, 24 March 2015

FREE international shipping & Cash Rebates at 65daigou!

I love shopping! Who doesn't? It is even better when we can find nice stuffs at low prices! #cheapthrill hahaha.. Most of you should know that one of the cheapest way to shop online is to buy from the china website, TaoBao! I think I shop on TaoBao most when it comes to online shopping.. And omg!!! It is even cheaper to shop on TaoBao this month, all thanks to the awesome promotion that 65daigou came up with...
In case you don't know what is 65daigou....
I always buy stuffs from TaoBao through this trusty agent - 65daigou - to save myself from the trouble of converting to foreign currency, dealing with the three different types of shipping/delivery (China seller to China warehouse, China warehouse to Singapore warehouse, and Singapore warehouse to me) and checking on the updates of each and every item that I purchased separately. Basically, I pick what I like and pay 65daigou in SGD (they will calculate the sum for me), and then I can just wait for my loots to arrive in Singapore as they will do all the job for me (yes, even checking for defects and repacking them if needed). Read more about why you should shop through them here, I've blogged about them previously!
The promotion...
65daigou has exclusively signed on Taobao merchants for partner shop collaborations, and us shoppers are entitled to cash rebates* when we purchase from those partner shops. Also, from 9th March to 29th March, we can enjoy FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING* on top of cash rebates* when we shop from those partner shops! Free international shipping is applicable to all shipping methods and cash rebates vary from 5% - 20% for different merchants. You can even enjoy free express air shipping (usually $4+ per 500g) during this period, and your purchases might reach you as quickly as purchases from local blogshops haha!
Okay I shall not bore you guys with more details or T&Cs since I have covered the main points. Read the details here for yourself if you need more information. Remember, promotion is only valid for partner shops!
My loots have not arrived fully yet (because one of the TaoBao seller is not too efficient) so I am unable to show you my purchases from this sale, roar. Another time maybe?
So... I went to look around and created some coordinates to show you people instead! There are really quite a lot of nice stuffs albeit being on sale. Prices shown exclude shipping FYI, and I used 65daigou to convert the currency to SGD automatically.
Coordinate 1 - Fun (S$25.31)
Romper - S$15.61
Earring - S$0.88
Bag - S$8.82
Coordinate 2 - Chic (S$25.09)
Crop top - S$8.82
Skirt - S$11.09
Shades - S$2.94
Ring - S$2.24
Coordinate 3 - Classy (S$53.15)
Skirt - S$16.97
Earrings - S$3.35
Heels - S$32.81
Nice right nice right??? I was super tempted to buy a second batch of taobao loots as I was doing those coordinates for this blog post..
Start shopping at 65daigou now! You can create your 65daigou account easily as you can simply sign up with your facebook account. :)

Shop here :)

If you are looking for the list of partner shops, go to the main page of their website after logging in and scroll to the bottom to see the list of shops!
If you need the links for the items above, let me know! :)


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