Sunday, 22 March 2015

My new favourite ice cream - MILKCOW!

This is the first of the Groupon reviews that I promised you guys previously! And buying this groupon was the best decision ever!!!
Milkcow is another new shop in Singapore, selling korean soft serve ice cream and they also carry honeycomb toppings just like the other shops in the industry. They were selling 1-for-1 deals on groupon before they officially open their first shop at The Cathay, so I took the plunge and bought the deal after a few years of not shopping on groupon (due to bad experiences). Luckily I bought it!
Sadly, they stopped selling groupon deals ever since they opened their first store.. I guess their soft serve is nice enough and they don't need groupon deals to sustain their business anymore? Still, I am willing to pay the normal $5ish price for their soft serve because I love it!
Crazy happy over our ice creams hehe!
So far, we've tried the honey, cookie and honeycomb ones! This photo was from our first time there, we had the cookies one and the honey one (we paid extra for honeycomb topping). Both are sooo good yum yum yum!
The soft serve itself is really crazy good, milky and sweet, and it has a very "fresh" taste! I know my description sounds really weird but you really need to try it for yourself.. (Note: I am not a fan of honeycreme at all, their soft serve is not even on par with McDonald's $1 vanilla cone. Milkcow definitely taste a lot better than Honeycreme.) Toppings will depend on personal preferences, I like honey and cookie! If you don't know, they have toppings such as jelly beans, popcorn and even macarons, these make the ice cream look really pretty. I didn't try them because I guess I'm not a fan of chewy things when it comes to ice cream.
We were asked to instagram and hashtag our photos so as to obtain a free photo print-out, and so we did! I'm not sure how long they will have this instagram photo printing service, but being able to have free photo print-outs makes me even happier haha! :P
People who are fans of sweet and milky stuff... YOU REALLY SHOULD TRY MILKCOW! :)
Rating: 5/5
I will return to Milkcow again, even without groupon deal!
The Cathay, 2 Handy Rd, #01-03 Singapore 229233

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