Thursday, 16 April 2015

Consultation at Halley Medical Aesthetics

Do you ever have any thoughts about improving your facial features? Just by a teeny bit?
"If only my nose is a little higher..."
"If only my face can be smaller...."
"If only I can have a full and round forehead like the koreans..."
"If only I can look good with little or even no make up..."
I have them all the time, and I decided to get some minor corrections done to my face at Halley Medical Aesthetics!
No no, I'm not going under the knife, so no worries.
I am still not mentally prepared for plastic surgery, so I believe fillers and botox will do a good job for now. Non-invasive, safer, cheaper and reversible if we don't like the final look; there's is no reason not to try them if you wanna look better! (I did fillers and botox 2 years ago, and I love the results then!!)
At Halley Medical Aesthetics the other day, I was waiting for my turn hence I decided to take a "Before" photo of my side profile for my own record hehe..
My consultation was with Dr Terence Tan, he asked me about my concerns and analyzed my face (and features). Then, he suggested to me the areas where he think can be improved on, and also briefed me on how he is going to carry out the procedure during my next appointment.
He's introducing his magic needle to me in the photo below, if you want to know what the magic needle can do, look out for my next blog post ok? ;)
Here's what Dr Tan suggested me to do:
  • nose fillers for a high nose bridge
  • forehead fillers for a bigger and round forehead (just like the koreans hehe!!!)
  • chin fillers for a sharper looking face
  • undereye/ tear trough fillers to make my face look less sunken
  • botox for jaw slimming
There are lots of room for improvement on my face (boohoo), and yes I decided to do them all. Can't wait to look better after all the treatments, stay tuned for more information and photos about my "Korean Facelift"!! :)
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