Wednesday, 13 May 2015

GIVEAWAY: Vanity Flare Exclusive Box

By now you all should know that I'm a huge fan of beauty boxes, and I have one awesome one to give away at the end of this post thanks to Blackbox Singapore, yay! Read on people..
Received this Vanity Flare Exclusive Box a couple of weeks back and I love every single bit of it! Note: you will get full size of everything in the box, just like me! Super value for money, only S$34.90 (quote "BBXYJ10" for 10% off) for more than $100 worth of items~~
Using Rachel K CC Cream and Faux Fayc Fauxlash Mascara Duo Set (sorry the lashes are not obvious here) from my Vanity Flare Exclusive Box in this photo, love my complexion here!
For me, the highlight of this box would be the Rachel K CC Cream (S$48). I have always read good reviews online about them, and this is my first time trying their products. To be honest, this CC cream is pretty different from what I have expected. I expected it to be similar to a BB cream or foundation, thick with good coverage. After trying it, I would say that this CC cream might be closer to a tinted sunblock instead. However, this doesn't mean I don't like it... I love it haha!!!
Rachel K CC Cream is soooo lightweight, I'll say even more lightweight than a regular sunscreen. Although the coverage is only moderate, I'm good to go with just a little concealor on my pimples! This CC cream makes my skin look super light and glowly, just like porcelain skin. Even BF agrees that I am glowing!! (Note: no annoying shimmers in the CC cream, the formula just brightens up my skin really well)
My shade is fair, so it might look too light for my hand. You can see that it blends very well and brightens my skin tone at the same time.
Next, I believe most of you will love the Faux Fayc Fauxlash Mascara Duo Set ($36.90), which is a mascara add-on. This was highly raved by bloggers like Tammy Tay and Rachel Wong!!! There are 2 tubes in this macara package - collagen transplanting gel and natural fibres. We are supposed to apply the collagen transplanting gel after our regular mascara, then coat our lashes with the fibres and seal them nicely with the collagen transplanting gel again. They promise to extend our lashes by up to 300% which is like WOW.
I've given it a few tries and it works pretty well to extend my lashes with the fibres. (My real lashes are almost non-existent.) Downside is that if you're bad at applying mascara, you'll need more practice with this. Also, you have to coat the collagen transplanting gel over the fibres well so that the fibres will not come loose and end up on your cheeks in the middle of the day.
Top - collagen transplanting gel; Bottom - natural fibres
The New Moon Collagen Drink ($69 for a box of 10 bottles) is one of the latest collagen product available in the market, and you'll be getting a bottle in your box just like me! This is the first collagen drink formulated and manufactured in Japan with high collagen content with whitening properties to ensure essence of beauty ingredients are sufficiently delivered to all parts of the skin. The drink taste like mango and is surprisingly very yummy, no fishy taste at all!! Can I have more? I can drink this everyday!
Lastly, we also have a piece of Tahpre's Special Care Mask (3 for $31.90) in the box. At Tahpre, they strive to ensure that all our ingredients; from the main active components down to the fragrances are all naïve to our environment, and most importantly effective and safe to use for all skin type. This mask looks pretty promising and cost more than $10 for one piece. Mine is for skin repair, lifting and firming!
So as promised, I have one Vanity Flare Exclusive Box to giveaway. Can I have it for myself?? :P
So here's how you can win this exclusive box that I love on my instagram (@fishaberry)...
  1. Read about the items in the exclusive box here in this blog post.
  2. Follow me on instagram!
  3. At my instagram photo of this exclusive box, comment which is your favourite item and why on the instagram photo.
NOTE: Giveaway accounts will be ignored.


Giveaway will be closed on 15 May 2359HR and the winner will be picked at random and announced the next day in the comment area of the instagram post.

Good luck!! xx

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