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Korean Facelift at Halley Medical Aesthetics - The Procedure

I bet most of you are very curious after I blogged about my Consultation at Halley Medical Aesthetics the other time right?
I was really excited for my appointment with Dr Terence Tan since I have been thinking of doing fillers for the past few months to enhance my appearance! I'm a vainpot who is lazy at times, so semi-permanent solutions like fillers and botox is my best option hehe. With such aesthetic enhancements, I can reduce the amount of make up I apply on my face and still look good! *packs my highlighter and bronzer to the back of my beauty cupboard*
The wait is finally over, here are the details of my "Korean Facelift" procedure!
So after the consultation session, I went back to Dr Terence Tan two weeks later for the actual procedure. Before starting, Dr Tan went through with me what he'll be doing to my face and marking out the different areas, as well as which type of fillers he'll be using on the different parts of my face.
The main aim of the procedure will be to balance out my face (shape), enhance my nose bridge as well as reduce the hollow (and tired) look under my eyes. We call it the Korean Facelift! To balance out my face, Dr Tan advised me that the best shape would be a heart shaped face, meaning a bigger and wider forehead with a smaller/narrower lower face area which translates to a slimmer jaw and sharper chin.
Here's a summary of what I'll be doing:
  • nose fillers
  • chin fillers
  • tear trough fillers
  • forehead fillers
  • jaw botox
As with most aesthetic procedures, we have to sign a declaration form before the doctor go ahead with it.
Numbing cream is applied on all the areas that will be injected, so as to minimise the pain during the procedure. If you're really scared of pain, don't be afraid to ask the doctor on how else he can manage the pain! Fillers are pretty similar to our normal flu jab. If you find flu jabs tolerable, you don't have to worry about fillers at all! I am a scaredy cat, but I too, got fillers done on so many parts of my face with the help of the numbing cream hehe.. (Pssst.. Juvederm fillers contains lidocaine which will help with relieving the pain too!)
These are the stuffs that are going to be used on my face! Botox comes in a glass vials while Juvederm fillers comes in ready packed syringes.. Dr Tan also used his "magic needle" on me for the procedure!
Dr Tan explaining to me the difference between Juvederm Voluma, Volift and Vobella as we were waiting for the numbing cream to set in.. All three have slightly different consistency and functions, I left the decision of which fillers to use on each part of my face to Dr Tan.. Let the professional do the job haha!
(Note my chubby and squarish face here.)
After about 10-15 minutes of numbing cream, the area will be cleaned thoroughly and further numbed with an ice pack to prepare for the filler injection.
Dr Tan started on my nose with Juvederm Voluma.. I've been missing my nose bridge ever since the fillers from two years ago dissolved.. And it is finally coming back! Yay to higher nose bridge! A little bit of fillers was also added to the tip of my chin to give it a little more definition.
He used his magic needle on me instead of the regular needle, and this is a new technique to inject fillers! The magic needle is actually a long and flexible canula that has a rounded tip. This will minimise the pain felt by the paitient as well as reduce bleeding because the rounded tip will push the blood vessels away instead of breaking them. I was super happy to know that only 1 injection spot is required for every part of the face!!! The magic needle is long and flexible, hence it is able to move under our skin to reach out to different areas on the face. Less injection spots, less pain, less bruises!
Next, Juvederm Volift was injected at my tear troughs (under eye area) to reduce the hollowed look at my eye area. This will make me look more awake and less concealor will be needed.
In this photo, Dr Tan was done with one side of the tear trough fillers. Spot the difference yourself! Guess which side is the before and which side is the after? The effects of fillers are immediate for your information!
Next up is the forehead fillers!
I am pretty sure most of you will not have heard of this yet, just like me. I was surprised when Dr Tan suggested me to do fillers at my forehead during my first consultation with him. I always knew my forehead was not full enough but I thought that the only way to correct it is to go for plastic surgery and do an implant. I was very glad to know that I can actually get a fuller forehead with fillers instead of plastic surgery. Less invasive and much much more affordable!
According to Dr Tan, Juvederm Vobella was used for my lateral forehead (sides) and Juvederm volift was used for the center of my forehead. I guess different forehead shapes calls for different customization of treatment!
Look at my full and round forehead! ME LIKEY! Just like those pretty korean stars~ :)
My last treatment will be jaw botox!
To those newbies out there, jaw botox will actually give us a slimmer face! This is because there are some big muscles at our jaws which are results of our chewing and eating habits. By injecting botox, those mucles are relaxed and hence reduced in size, causing our face to look smaller. No need to shave my jaw bone to get a slimmer, v-shaped face! *phew* Results will appear in about 2-4 weeks, and typically lasts about 6 months.
Jaw botox was less painful than fillers, I feel. I had to clench my jaws for Dr Tan to locate those muscles, and when the botox was injected I felt a funny sensation that I have no idea how to describe haha! Don't worry, nothing wrong with this, I felt the same way when I did jaw botox the other time.
So after everything was done, I went to the pretty touch up area at the clinic to touch up my make up and to conceal the injection spots! Halley is so thoughtful, they even provide some beauty neccessities at the touch up area such as cotton pads, sunscreen, etc.. They took care to make sure that we can leave their place pretty! :)
Happy me after the procedure! There might be some swelling or bruising within one week of the procedure, and I can't wait to see the final results.. Stay tuned for more photos next time!
Thank you Halley Medical Aesthetics & Dr Terence Tan for my full face Korean Facelift and also my BF who rushed down after work to accompany the scaredy cat me.
I hope my post was informative enough for those who wanna get fillers and/or botox done! If you have any burning questions, feel free to give Halley Medical Aesthetics a call at the number below or drop me your questions via email/ I am thinking of doing a FAQ or aftercare blog post next, look out for them! :)
Halley Medical Aesthetics
248 River Valley Road, Singapore 238302
Tel: +65 6737 8233

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