Thursday, 21 May 2015

Korea’s No. 1 Hair Styler - GlamPalm

I always hear people saying that hair styling tools are difficult to use, very time consuming and it damages our hair.. And because of this, I didn't even think of getting a hair styling tool at all, until recently when I have a haircut that requires daily styling..

Introducing Korea’s No. 1 Hair Styler... GLAMPALM!!

I got a GlamPalm hair iron - GP313, and I'm soooo in love with it! I can't believe I lived 20+ years of my life without a hair styling tool seriously??? GlamPalm is from Korea and there is almost not a single bad review when I was reading up about it online. Everyone loves it, and so do I!
They actually have 3 sizes for their hair iron, I picked the middle one because I want to use it for both straightening and curling, plus I intend to grow out my hair again soon! You can decide on the size of your hair iron depending on your hair length and what style you want to achieve. They have a very comprehensive guide on their website that you might want to check out!
My GlamPalm came with a very pretty pouch (which is almost like an evening clutch), as well as 2 hair clips in the pouch. This is perfect for me to bring my GlamPalm along for holidays! :)
GlamPalm is sized perfectly for our hands, and comes with light touch grip so that we can have a better grip when using it. See how nicely it fits my (slightly) small hands!
I was also pleasantly surprised to know that it has tilt and cushion plates which allows us to style our hair in many different ways. Not only can we straighten our hair, curling is not a problem too! How awesome is that, only one product to create multiple hairstyles, both straight and curly. I love multi-purpose products! Not to forget, the amount of money saved from buying another hair curler~
I usually use it to straighten my hair to make my hair neater and more presentable as I have naturally wavy hair. Also, I use my GlamPalm to curl my fringe everyday. I currently have korean bangs that is pretty long at my eye level, and it requires styling to achieve the puffy and cute look without my hair poking into my eyes. On days when I have extra time, I will curl the ends of my hair inwards for a puffy korean bob look!
And guess what? We don't even need heat protection for our hair with GlamPalm! I am more than happy to be able to skip one step in my routine in the morning, sleep is precious.. Rest assured that your hair will not become frizzy after using GlamPalm, tried and tested by yours truly!
GlamPalm hair irons has their trademarked healing stone technologyAnions, or negative ions, produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin, relieving stress and boosting energy. Additionally, anions help smooth the cuticle layer of the hair, minimizing damage to hair’s keratin and producing smooth, shiny and healthy-looking hair. On top of that, GlamPalm also has special ceramic coating for smooth sliding to prevent hair to be pulled out, and far-infrared ray and anions to prevent hair damage for softer, glossier hair
It has 11 Distinct heat settings, from 100-200 degrees Celsius! You might not be able to choose the temperature for some of the other hair irons out there, and I really appreciate the high level of customization with GlamPalm. Different temperatures can allow us to style our hair differently, at different speed.. Also, if you really have a phobia of hair irons, you can opt to use the lowest temperature to reduce heat damage!
Lastly, GlamPalm promises a rapid heat up time of 15 seconds, which is really quick! I've read that some brands requires up to 10 minutes to heat up, that is soooo long??? In reality, GlamPalm takes less than 5 seconds to heat up to the required temperature for me so far. I don't even have to switch it on in advance to let it heat up! This is perfect for anyone, even for those busy people or those who can't get out of bed early to doll up properly..
I'm really happy that I discovered GlamPalm, it has already become a very important part of my daily morning beauty routine! It is really awesome and there is nothing to dislike about it at all. 5 STARS!! :)
Find out more about Glampalm on their Official Website:

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