Sunday, 17 May 2015

Part Time Jobs and Internship for Students

I'm in the final semester of my university life, and I will be graduating soon! I will finally stop schooling after 19 years of school, kindergarten, primary school, secondary school, junior college and university... I feel happy and kind of scared for the future at the same time.. Going into another phase of life~~
Anyway, it is school holidays now for the university peeps right? And June holidays is also coming for the younger ones in secondary school and JC! I remember myself frantically looking at job portals in search for part-time jobs or temporary/ad hoc jobs at this part of the year for the past 6 to 8 years or so.. And it is so difficult to find a job since I was a student and most job portals are looking for adults who can work full time.. Also, there will be some recruiting companies (I've met good ones too) that want us to go to their office for interviews when they can't even let us know what are the positions that they have on hand. And when you are there, you will be made to sign your personal details to add on to their database without even getting any job offer in the end.. Mehs.
I always wished for a job portal for students and only students, and my wish came through! I was introduced to “” by a friend, and it is really godsend! Don't say I never share ah! Not only can we find part time Singapore jobs for students, there are also quite a number of internship Singapore positions. Perfect for the young ones I must say!! Stop bumming around at home and do something useful okay? You can earn more money to spend/save up for the future or even add an achievement in your resume! Listen to my advice, it is good for you~~
Signing up at is really easy, you can just sign in with your facebook account and furbish them with a few more details, and you are good to go!
You can also upload your resume to their site and whenever you apply for a job at, the company will automatically receive your resume without you having to email them one by one. Also, you can state your preferences for part time jobs or internship so that companies can also search through the database to find suitable candidates like you. It goes both ways at! :)
Searching for a job in their website is pretty straightforward, and I love it because I can customize my search! Job scope, specialization, location, industry, position level, starting date, etc... You don't have to sieve through unrelated jobs while searching at!
I was actually expecting to see minimal number of job positions available at, since I heard that they were new. But I was so wrong! They have quite a number of positions available, I tried scrolling to the end of the list but I gave up because it seems unlimited haha! Awesome~
So, if you are looking for Singapore internship jobs, and also part time jobs for students, go on to today and SIGN UP now! :)
Don't need to thank me for sharing this site hehe....

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