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The Face Inc - Product Review

Remember I mentioned that I'm starting on a new skincare regime prescribed by Dr Rei a few weeks ago? (Read) I've been using The Face Inc's products since then, and you'll be hearing my verdict today! :)
Rest assured that your skin will be in good hands with The Face Inc, as their products are formulated by reputed French chemists and dermatologists. The Face Inc products have a distinctively higher concentration of active ingredients as compared to other products in the market, so you can expect to see results in a shorter time period. I've entrusted my skin to The Face Inc for the past month, and my skin is doing pretty well now. Not as oily as before and also lesser pimples outbreaks.. I'm pleased with the results!
If you have dry skin, acne and blemishes, pigmentation and scars, fine lines and wrinkles or dull and lack lustre skin, your saviour is here!
The Face Inc's products are grouped into 4 main steps - Clear, Correct, Rejuvenate and Protect. It is good for us to have all four steps in our daily skincare regime so as to give our skin what it deserves. The "Clear" and "Protect" steps should be pretty similar for most people, and the "Correct" and "Rejuvenate" steps will depend on our 2 main skin concerns (or 1 skin concern if you're lucky).
Here is my skincare regime for the past few weeks, to target my acne and dull skin!
They even came up with a prescription list to educate me on the order I should apply my skincare! Me likey, because I always end up getting confused about what to apply first when using other skincare products in the past..


First step of our skincare regime will always be cleansing. These "Clear" products help to cleanse our skin and to prepare it for other steps. I super love the fruitty and refreshing scent in their "Clear" products!! Can I have a perfume with this scent too?

Cleansing Milk

A refreshing makeup remover with gentle exfoliating properties. Aloe Vera extract contained within has anti-inflammatory properties, renews and tones by removing dead skin cell. It also helps to keep the skin moisturised and supple.
This is always the first step of my skincare regime at night, as I use it to remove my sunblock and (light) make up. I will massage it onto my face dry, then wet my hands a little to massage further, and lastly, rinse it off with water. The texture of their cleansing milk is pretty thick but I can still use it with ease.

Cleansing Gel

A proprietary cleansing formulation that hydrates and tones all skin types. Cucumber extract contained within acts as a skin conditioning and softening agent, and has mild exfoliating properties. Sodium Chloride acts as a natural astringent and antiseptic agent that absorbs moisture, firms the skin and balances pH. 
I always practice double cleansing, so I will use the cleansing gel after using the cleansing milk. Their cleansing gel foams really well, I only need less than a 10 cent size of product each time. This means that the cleansing gel can probably last me for a longer time period, yay to savings! My skin feels clean and nice after cleansing, not drying at all!

Active Toner

An alcohol-free toner that contains AHAs for an enhanced cleansing process. Citric and Lactic Acids remove dead skin cells to reduce wrinkles, discoloration and roughness, to reveal a radiant skin. Allantoin increases the extracellular water content of skin to stimulate healthy tissue formation. 
This is my favourite product from the entire range, my face feels super clean and fresh after using it! Apart from the nice smell, this toner leaves a minty sensation after application.. It definitely helps with making me more awake in the mornings!



Blemish Essence

A proprietary formulation that reduces and prevents the appearance of comedones (blackheads and whiteheads) and decreases sebaceous activities. Green Tea extract acts as an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. Tea Tree Leaf Oil extract acts as an antiseptic agent to treat acnes and blackheads.
This essence is a little on the dry side, so I usually only apply a thin layer on pimple prone areas to prevent my skin from drying out too much. My skin is less oily after using this, which translates to lesser pimples! Awesome :)

Acne Treatment

A proprietary spot treatment that clears infected pores and dries up blemishes. This provides an overnight relief for inflammation and solitary acne papules.
This is pretty much like a pimple spot corrector. I use it only when I have pimples and the pimples usually go away in a few days. The pump applicator is pretty cool too (refers to photo below)!




An anti-oxidant with maximum Vitamin C content to encourage collagen and elastin production. Controls the adverse effects of photo-damage and premature skin aging. Ascorbic Acid and Ascorbyl Tetraisoplamitate suppress pigmentation of the skin and improve skin elasticity by stimulation of collagen synthesis.
This, I believe is to target my dull skin. The texture is very much like a watery serum and goes onto my face very smoothly. Only a thin layer is needed! Of course, effects of this product will only be seen with longer usage..


A moisturising formulation that is suitable for all skin types. It hydrates and conditions the skin, protects against collagen breakdown. Sodium Hyaluronate is an excellent hydrator that stimulates new cell growth, repairs tissues and maintains an elastic skin. It also aids in the transport of essential nutrients to viable skin cells and supports the formation of collagen. Green Tea extract acts as an anti-oxidant and an anti-inflammatory agent.
This is another favourite of mine, since my skin tends to get pretty dry and flaky at times. Their moisturiser is a bluish gel-like cream which will turn into water droplets when applied on the skin. Skin becomes plumped up and moisturised without producing excessive oil.



UV Defense SPF 50 Tinted

An advanced physical tinted sunscreen for protection of the skin against harmful UV rays, prevention of sunburn and photo-damage. Proprietary blend of Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide delivers broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection. Vitamin E acts as an anti-oxidant and moisturising agent.

UV Defense SPF 50 Non Tinted

An advanced physical non tinted sunscreen for protection of the skin against harmful UV rays, prevention of sunburn and photo-damage. Proprietary blend of Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide delivers broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection. Vitamin E acts as an anti-oxidant and moisturising agent. 
Sunscreen is a necessity for me, so I decided to opt for both types - tinted and non tinted - to use on different days. I usually use the tinted one on days that I go out bare-faced, and the non tinted one on days when I have make up on. Their sunscreens comes with SPF 50, giving our skin the protection it deserves. :)
So that sums up my skincare regime from The Face Inc!
Do head to to get a FREE skin consultation done with Dr Rei! The consultation can be done at the comfort of your home in a few minutes, and you'll get a customised skincare prescription at the end of it. (More details here)
It is entirely up to you if you want to purchase the recommended products or not at the very end. If you're really interested to try out the products but not sure which to get, I'll suggest that you get some of the basic skincare products first (they're my favourites anyway)... The cleansing gel, toner and moisturiser cost less than $100 and should be able to last you for a couple of months, definitely worth a try! :)
Thank you The Face Inc for the awesome products~

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