Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Korean See Through Bangs + Shu Uemura Deep-Conditioning Hair Treatment

It has been some time since I last blogged about my hair adventures. If you don't know, I previously bleached and dyed my hair a lot last year, I even had light blonde and pink hair, because you only live once (YOLO). I stopped at the end of last year because I have to go for internship and then to work full-time this year after I graduate, so dark hair it is for me. Got a bob haircut because I want to get rid of the dry bleached ends plus try out a new hairstyle! I have been letting my hair rest the past few months. Went to Shunji Matsuo at 313 a couple of times to trim my hair as well as to do hair treatment only.
About a month ago, I had to get my bob trimmed, and I felt that I need a bit of change (yes, again). I went back to Jerry from Shunji Matsuo 313 to get my hair fixed. I seldom dye my hair now, but I still go to him for my hair cuts and treatments all this while!
Didn't want to dye my hair just yet, so we decided on bangs for my fringe. Not the normal type of bangs, but the korean see through bangs, which is what you see in your korean dramas or on the streets of South Korea nowadays! Korean see through bangs is less thick and requires curling everyday to look not too flat, and some people like them messy as well. High maintaneance I say, but I think I look much younger hehe.. A fringe cut is a small change that makes a huge difference, you are thinking of changing your look, consider a fringe cut!
Completed bob cut! See how much my hair has grown! (Look as brown and black parts)
This was taken the night I got my fringe cut, got quite a number of positive comments when I instagrammed this photo! Check out my instagram or other blog posts for more photos of my fringe ok?
Apart from my haircut + fringe cut, I did hair treatment as well. We should all do hair treatment once in a while to pamper our tresses, who doesn't want nice hair?
I got to try out a new hair treatment by Shu Uemura too. Shu Uemura is actually a brand that sells cosmetics, and this is their first haircare range and hair treatment ever! This treatment is called ShuUemura Deep-Conditioning Hair Care. It can be used on different hair types - colored hair, unruly hair, weakened hair, extremely weakened hair, limp/fine hair and dry hair.
Jerry recommended me to do the Silk Bloom (light green) treatment from my chemically weakened hair. The key ingredient in the Silk Bloom series is Argan Oil, Ceramide as well as Vitamin E. Argan oil repairs the structure of the hair fiber and restore bonds of the hair, ceramide strengthen hair cuticles and vitamin E helps with hair growth and can heal hair shafts.
I am very happy with the hair treatment as it leaves my hair smooth and silky, like!!! Also, this hair treatment takes lesser time than another treatment that I did previously, hoho. :)
Jerry also gave me a set of shampoo and conditioner from the Shu Uemura series to use at home! For my hair care, he gave me the Shusu Sleek smoothing series to tackle my unruly hair.
Their shampoo and conditioner are packaged so nicely, looks like the super expensive type of mineral water to me haha. The shampoo and conditioner are really really rich and moisturising, if any of you has dry and frizzy/messy hair, you might want to give this a try! Actually the shampoo itself is more than enough if you are lazy hehe.. I have been rotating them with my regular drugstore shampoo and conditioner ever since I got them, as I felt that they are too rich and too good to be used on a daily basis.
Thank you Shunji Matsuo 313 and Jerry for taking care of my hair all this while, and nursing my dry hair back to health the past few months! Quote “yingjie” for 10% off chemical services at Shunji Matsuo 313, remember to ask for Jerry when booking your appointments! :)
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