Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Laurier Ultra Gentle Heavy Day Review

Okay, this post is for the girls!


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It is about our monthly "thing" that I believe we all dislike.. (Not my craftholic ok!)
"7 out of 10 women* have experienced skin irritations e.g. itchiness, stuffiness & redness during periods. Such discomforts occur as skin around intimate area become more sensitive during the time of the month." Source: Japan survey by Kao (N=500)
Laurier Ultra Gentle Heavy Day is the 1st dermatologically tested napkin in Singapore, clinically proven to relieve skin irritations! I've tried using it and it works pretty well, no discomforts or irritations at all. Note that my skin is on the more sensitive side. Laurier is my most trusted sanitary pad brand anyway, I am a loyal user of their 1mm ultra thin series.
Laurier Ultra Gentle Heavy Day provdes ultimate comfort and is extra breathable as the unique airy soft wavy surface reduces skin contact, minimizing friction and skin irritations, as well as channel airflow to relieve stuffiness, moisture and itchiness. (Look at the diagrams)
image002     image006 (1)

Other key efficacies:
  • Quick Lock & Dry system > super absorbent layer locks in fluid quickly, reducing wetness on the napkin surface, leaving you drier and sticky-free.
  • Advanced technology > developed with Japan's Advanced Skin Science Technology
  • Premium quality, Made in Japan
  • Suitable for All skin types especially sensitive skin
Laurier Ultra Gentle Heavy Day is available at major supermarkets/hypermarkets, pharmacies & personal care stores. The usual retail price is $5.60, but they are running special Kao 50th Anniversary price at $5.00 (10% discount). Laurier Ultra Gentle Heavy Day is available in 25cm and 40cm.More info here: htpp://
If you want try before buying, head to Sample Store to redeem your samples now! :)

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