Monday, 15 June 2015

The Garden Slug Review

Here is another short food/groupon review! :)
The Garden Slug have been on my to-go list for quite some time, but we have been putting off the visit due to its inconvenient location. There was officially no excuse to not visit them since I bought the groupon and it was expiring soon!
The Garden Slug is located in the East, surrounded by lots of private properties. To get here, you have to drive or take a bus and walk. We did the latter (as usual). The place was old looking, but their service was good! Their food is better than average, with the BF favouring his burger more. This place serves quite a lot of mushroom-y dishes, so it is good for the mushroom lovers!

Lychee Fruity Soda

There is nothing good and nothing bad about this drink, it will taste exactly like how you imagined it to be hehe.

Signature Cowboy Burger

The BF had this and he loves it! The homemade BBQ sauce was good, it tasted like a mixture of tomato and BBQ sauce.

Truffle-Some Shrooms Pesto Pasta

This was mine. The pasta was pretty good, cooked with lots of greens like mushroom, long beans and cherry tomatoes. Note that this is a little oily and the truffle scent is not too strong after you get used to the taste. Also, the huge portobello mushroom was too overwhelming, I can only finish half of it, the other half went into BF's tummy as usual hehe.
We only had this amount of food (and we were exploding already) because we were supposed to have an early dinner with my family and grandma that day. So sorry if this review isn't informative enough... I hope it helps a little at least!
I'll rate this place 3.5/5. If there are groupon vouchers for this cafe again, do go ahead and buy them since they are worth a try. However, I don't think I'll be heading back here again if there is no groupon voucher and if I don't happen to be in that area since it is rather inconvenient.

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