Friday, 31 July 2015

BlackBox: The Beauty Prologue Exclusive Box

Been a fan of BlackBox's Exclusive Boxes recently, they're unlike other beauty subscription boxes, because we get to see what's in each Exclusive Box before deciding if we want to get it! They have been curating lots of awesome exclusive boxes, each box contains good stuffs and they are always so value for money.. One of my favourites previously was the Vanity Flare Exclusive Box!
Presenting to you the contents of The Beauty Prologue Exclusive BlackBox that will be available from 31 July 2015. The box is made up of items that we will use daily, very practical and affordable!! The whole set is worth about 80 bucks, but in view of the SG50 period, you can get it at a blow off price for just $12.90/pack.

Hand Chemistry Hyaluronic Concentrate

This is similar to our hand and body lotion, but in gel form. It is made of the awesome Hyaluronic Acid (HA) that work wonders in hydrating our skin. You'll be glad to know that this bottle costs a whooping $48.90, much more expensive than this exclusive blackbox itself aha! (I told you that it is value for money right?)
I like the fact that it’s gel form, usually for sensitive or oily skin, gel like texture are advisable, as it’s not too rich and it’s mild for the skin!
It absorbs really quickly and leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth. If you already have your own body lotion, fret not! This product works perfectly well with your choice of lotion too as it preps your skin for better absorption and it is scentless. Apply Hand Chemistry Hyaluronic Acid first till fully absorbed, followed by any of your lotion! You will see your skin improve it’s moisture level over time.

TruLife Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar

This by TruLife is made of 100% pure and genuine premium bird's nest, with no artificial coloring, preservatives or flavouring. It is nicely flavoured with rock sugar, yummy! :P What I like about it is the generous amount of bird’s nest contained in a bottle. I started to like the taste of it, believe me or not, I’m actually not a fan of bird’s nest but I’m genuinely loving the taste of this one! Also read that they have sugar-free bird’s nest too. I think beauty gurus, YOU WILL LOVE THIS!

Uriage Thermal Water / Eau Thermale D’Uriage

This is a pleasure to use – thermal water that comes in a spray can – I can use it on the go to freshen myself up! Whenever I need a little pick-me-up during mid-days, I use this and always made me feel very refreshed and awake throughout the day. I sometimes use it even when I have make up on, in moderate amount of course (and make sure your make up is waterproof haha).

Tsubaki Extra Moist Shampoo & Tsubaki Extra Moist Conditioner 

Nice smelling hair care duo that is perfect for travelling! This extra moist range moisturizes our hair and boosts up to 8 hours of lasting moisturize. My hair is pretty dry as I bleached my hair quite a number of times last year, hence this shampoo doubles up to give it the extra shine. This is just what I need for my chemically damaged hair!

Mores White Booster Plus+ & Mores 2 Eyes Sleeping Eye Mask 

I admit that I didn’t pay much attention to these two samples initially, because they were the smallest in the box. Decided to try them out anyway, and I love them!! The only thing I disliked about, would be their size haha~ Mores White Booster Plus+ is basically whitening moisturiser, my skin feels brighter and more radiant upon application, and I love its scent. Mores 2 Eyes Sleeping Eye Mask is an eye cream that works to hydrate our eye area and to reduce fine lines, I can feel a firming effect right after using it. But of course, try the samples out first before buying the full size, just makes it more cost effective.
Top - Mores White Booster Plus+ ; Bottom - Mores 2 Eyes Sleeping Eye Mask
Here you can see the texture of these two products. Despite looking a little different, both are gel-like and get absorbed into my skin easily.

Pearlie White Fluorinze Alcohol Free Fluoride Mouth Rinse 

Another staple that we can use everyday.. Pearlie White mouth rinse can help fight bacteria and protect our teeth for better dental health!
I tend to get rather self-conscious after having a big meal or food that contains garlic, as the last thing I want is a stinky breath! Some of us might have the habit of poppin’ a mint after meals, which is good, but I think here’s a healthier habit to keep! Always end with a mouth rinse routine after your lunch or after every brushing. This is alcohol free and is gentle on gums and teeth, definitely safe for daily use!
Like what you see?
Get The Beauty Prologue exclusive box from BlackBox now~ This is such a good deal!
You can also check them out for more Exclusive boxes with an additional 10% off if you enter my promo code: BBXYJ10. Unfortunately, this promo code does not apply to this pack but hey, I’m sure there are other fantastic ones you’ll find!
Don't say I never share! :D
* The Beauty Prologue Exclusive comes in a pack.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Milly's at Suntec City!!

As you all know, I have been going to Milly's regularly to do my eyelash extensions and manicures, and I really love my lashes and nails! ♥ I think I can't live without eyelash extensions anymore~~
Anyway, I am super happy for them as they have been expanding non-stop. Their 4th outlet at Bugis Cube opened late last year, and their 5th outlet opened just last week! Congratulations!!!! Their 5th outlet is actually at Suntec City Tower 1, right beside True Fitness gym.
I went to their grand opening last week and had a look around the place, it is really nice and spacious, I love their new concept! The new outlet is very big and can cater to more customers now. There are even private rooms where you can get your eyelash extensions done, and the new beds look so comfy!!
And guess what, they'll be providing more services than before! Previously, Milly's mainly does eyelash extensions, nails as well as hair extensions. Now, they are going into eyebrow and eyeliner embroidery as well as waxing in the future! They can really be my one-stop beauty parlor already hehe!
Here are more photos of the new outlet at Suntec City, I can't wait to head there for my appointments hehe!
Anyway, here are some photos of my manicure designs and eyelash extensions done in the past few months (you may have already seen them on my instagram @fishaberry) in case you are looking for inspirations!
For eyelash extensions, I usually do strand by strand single lash because they are more comfortable and natural looking. I alternate between fur lash, crown mink lash as well as black diamond.
For nails, I always do gelish manicure and I like long and oval-shaped nails. I will usually get my inspirations from japanese nails instagram accounts and get the staff at Milly's to tweak it a little for me.
In case you are wondering, of course they are having opening promotion! :D
To celebrate their 5th outlet opening, Milly's is offering an opening promotion for the first 500 customers for their Signature Eyelash Extension (Cluster lashes) Services.
Eyelash Extension (Cluster lashes) Services:
- Black Diamond A Eyelash @ $60 (Usual Price $75, Save $15)
- Black Diamond B Eyelash @ $50 (Usual Price $65, Save $15)
Only Valid at Suntec City Outlet * Strictly by Appointment only *
Call them at 6238 6216 or sms / whatsapp 83835395 to secure your appointment now, enjoy being pretty! :D

Friday, 17 July 2015

Soufeel Charm Bracelet

I was introduced to Soufeel a couple of weeks ago by Katelyn, and I'm hooked!!! Love love love my charm bracelet from Soufeel! :)
Remember Pandora? There was a pandora trend not long ago, and pandora charm bracelets were all over social media, especially during the festive season like christmas and valentine's day. I didn't have one because Pandora is far too pricey for students like me then.
dsc07745_focus - Copy
My pretty Soufeel bracelet came in a pretty white box with a baby blue ribbon!
DSC07761 - Copy
Yes, Soufeel's concept is similar to Pandora, but much much much more affordable. If you're someone like me, now you can afford a charm bracelet too, and at a fraction of its " predecessor's " price! Pandora's charms ranges from $30-1500, while Soufeel's charms ranges from about $20-$100 (and as low as $3.99 at their sale page)? That's a huge price difference!
Soufeel charms are made of mainly 925 sterling silver and colored gems. They also encourage customizations, allowing us to create our own memorable charms with photos at no extra costs. I was skeptical about the quality initially, due to the low prices, but I realised that I worried for nothing.. I picked quite a number of different types of charms and I am very happy with the quality so far!
DSC07754 - Copy
You start off by getting a silver bracelet or bangle, and you can proceed to collect different charms to add on to your bracelet/bangle. Some people simply purchase charms that they like, some like to stick to a color or follow a theme, and some people purchase charms that signifies the different events/occasions of their life. You can personalise your bracelet completely, add new charms and rearrange them as and when you like to. Of couse, you can even wear individual charms as necklaces too, it is all up to your preferences! FYI the silver bracelet is free if you purchase more than $138.60 worth of charms, which is about 3-5 Soufeel charms, and this is just about the right amount for one to start their Soufeel collection like me!
DSC07745 - Copy
Oh, and I forgot to mention, Soufeel actually operates online! This is so convenient and I kept going to their website to look at the different charms available when I am bored and travelling alone on the MRT. I kept discovering more charms that I would love to own! Shop with a few clicks (or touches on your smartphone) and wait for the arm candy to arrive at your house, ahh the beauty of online shopping. Shipping is free for purchases above $70!
DSC07783 - Copy
Now, more photos of my charm collection!
I currently own 10 charms after browsing through Soufeel's catalogue on their website. I don't wear them all together at the same. I like to mix and match to create different themes - blue and silver, pink and silver, silver only, etc - depending on my mood. Some days, I feel an inherent need to make sure that my bracelet is as symmetrical as possible, despite the fact that I don't have two of the same charm. Opps, signs of OCD perhaps?
DSC07729 - Copy
DSC07768 - Copy
These are murano glass beads which I really love, because they show more color than the other types of metal charms. Mine are dark blue stripe wave murano glass beadpink murano glass bead and frozen sea blue murano glass bead.
DSC07686 - Copy
My birthday is in January and my birthstone is actually garnet (an orange/ dark red stone), hence I picked a birthstone charm to add on to my Soufeel collection, January Birthstone Dark Red Charm. Added the Rose Garden Charm because I love the rose design and partially because it is also round and can help me in making my bracelet more symmetrical. Picked the Heart Love Dangle Charm as my centre piece, since it is dangling and the heart design is simple yet nice!
DSC07712 - Copy
Was attracted to the color intensity of this Pink Shinning Crystal Charm, so I guess this is love at first sight? This charm is really shiny and pretty in real life, I can even wear it out alone hehe. It is also good to get a safety chain for your charm bracelet to ensure that the charms do not fall out while we wear or remove our bracelet. I picked the Shape In Bubble Safety Chain. The ends of the safety chain is to be placed before putting in any charm and after putting in the last charm. I actually wore my bracelet out without the safety chain yesterday, accidentally unclasped it on the train, and all my charms dropped all over the train floor. Lucky me managed to find all my charms, and I promise to wear my safety chain all the time now.
DSC07725 - Copy
Got the Lucky Clover Charm in hope that I'll have better luck in everything, four leaf clovers are meant to be lucky hehe! Also, spot that heart-shaped charm? It is not just any random love charm, it is actually a Memorable Charm! (See next photo, it is very cool I promise!)
DSC07693 - Copy
We can actually customise the Memorable Charm and have our photos printed on it at no extra costs! Isn't it cool to have photos of our loved ones on our charms? So, you can see that I picked a photo of me and my boyfriend to be on my Crystal Heart Memorable Charm. So fun!! By the way, this costs S$27.93 only, if you are wondering..
DSC07708 - Copy
I love my Soufeel charms and bracelet, and I hope that you will have fun customizing your own charm bracelet too. :)
Have fun shopping for your charms!!~

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Say Yes To Sexy - Summer's Eve, My Cozy Room Spa, Triumph, Kissjane

I attended a girly hi-tea event some time last month - Say Yes To Sexy - and enjoyed myself a lot! :)
It was held at My Cozy Room Spa which is a pretty and girly haven located near town. We were introduced to Summer Eve's feminine care products, Laduree high tea, pampered with spa treatment from My Cozy Room. Also, we went home with a huge goodie bag with goodies and vouchers from the above mentioned sponsors as well as Triumph, Kiss Jane and Hypoxi!
My Cozy Room Spa is a really nice and pretty place, I'm sure nobody will mind heading here for our monthly girly pampering facial or massage session!

We also snacked on yummy afternoon tea from Laduree, I love the caramel macarons the most hehe! :D

Summer's Eve

We were introduced to Summer Eve's products during that event, which I am already using personally. I actually worked an event job for Summer Eve's before when I was much younger, giving out free samples in a school haha! That was the first time I learnt about feminine care, during my job training. Been using their products since then!
wpid-20150606_154951.jpg wpid-20150606_154823.jpg
Feminine care is very important and those who are not using should start using this! This is to prevent itching, bad smell or even infection at our V area. Their products are gyaecologist tested so they are safe even for pregnant ladies. There are quite a few types of feminie care products from Summer's Eve - feminine wash, cleansing mist, cleansing wipes and even deodorant spray.
wpid-20150606_153118.jpg wpid-20150606_153111.jpg wpid-20150606_152917.jpg
Feminine Wash - I use this daily while bathing. Their feminine wash is lightly and pleasantly scented, and does not irritate my skin at all! It feels really gentle, and sometimes, I bathe with this when my skin is irritated or when I am having rashes.
Feminine Cleansing Wipes - This is good for using on the go to refresh our V area during mid-day or when we are having menses. They are wrapped individually and flushable, so these are really convenient to have and to bring around!
Feminine Cleansing Mist - This is kind of like the bulky version of the cleansing wipes, but more pocket friendly since we can use it for more than 16 times. We can use it in 2 different ways - spray directly at our V area or spray on toilet paper and wipe.
Feminine Deodorant Spray - This is the first time I heard of a deodorant spray for our intimate area. The deodorant comes in 2 scents and is good in controlling the odor at our V area. I guess this is perfect for use when we have our period.
Yay, travel kit with some essentials and sample sized feminine wash! :)

My Cozy Room

We were treated with a massage treatment on the day of the hi tea and also gifted with another voucher to enjoy another treatment on other days. I did My Enchanting Tummy Wellness (30 mins) as well as My Enchanting Floral Radiance Facial Treatment (90 mins)  on these 2 separate occasions. I am very pleased with my experience over there, their therapists are very skillful and friendly, I feel totally pampered and at ease over there!
The treatment rooms at My Cozy Room Spa are newly renovated and designed with a vintage theme. See the pretty arrangement welcoming me! :)
wpid-20150626_131921.jpg wpid-20150626_131854.jpg
My Enchanting Tummy Wellness
On the day of the event, I picked My Enchanting Tummy Wellness for my spa treatment as I hoped that it will be able to improve my digestion as well as to reduce my tummy size haha!
I had a comforting tummy hot stone massage by their skilled therapist which I really enjoyed! I fell asleep during the process.
My Enchanting Floral Radiance Facial Treatment (90 mins)
Was asked to choose between facial or massage for my treatment on a separate day, and I decided to try out their facial since I don't go for facials regularly.My Cozy Room also has a sister company- Hypoxi, and I can't wait to try out their slimming treatment another time!
Hot tea served in a pretty victorian cup as I wait for my turn. (I even met a friend there and she said that she have been doing her facials with My Cozy Room Spa for more than a year!)
Their facial consists of cleansing, steaming, extraction, eyebrow shaping, massage and mask - everything that I need from a facial. I kind of dislike facials without extraction, because my biggest problem is actually pimples and clogged pores. I was glad to discover that they are pretty thorough in the extraction process and there was minimal pain! Actually the most painful part is actually the eyebrow shaping, not extraction, as I don't trim my brows regularly. I fell asleep many times (yes even during part of the extraction process) and the shoulder massage as well as the crystal eye massage was really shiok!! I left the place with minimal redness on my face (unlike other facial places), I even went shopping at town without make up on!


We were gifted with Triumph's G-string as well as a couple of vouchers!
I went for a personalised bra fiting session another day at their flagship store at Somerset 313, and I was gifted with a set of Triumph Maximizer intimates. I picked a navy blue set from the Aqua Enhancer set, it has aqua cushions instead of the usual padding material which are incredibly soft and comfy!! I guess this is my most luxurious set of intimates ever and I love it :)


Was really happy to receive a Kissjane voucher as well, I happily went shopping with it, since I have to get more clothes for work too!
Picked a red skater dress from Jumpingaround (@shopjumpingaround) at the Bugis Kissjane outlet, this piece is such a staple in my closet, comfy yet good enough for work hehe!
I really enjoyed myself a lot during this #SayYEStoSEXY event as well as while spending my vouchers from the generous sponsors!!! Thank you for having me! :D