Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Review: Esemtan Wash Lotion and Esemtan Skin Balm

Today's beauty review is not the usual "commercial" products that are packaged very prettily. Instead, I'll be talking about Esemtan skincare products by Schülke - namely their Wash Lotion as well as Skin Balm. Schülke products are often seen at medical centres and laboratories, being known for their disinfecting, hygiene and preservation purposes. So people who have dry and sensitive skin might wanna check this skincare range out! :)

Esemtan Wash Lotion

Esemtan Wash Lotion contains Allantoin, making it a pH neutral and soap free wash, usable for the whole body, face and hair. This makes it super convenient especially for travelling because we only have to bring 1 product instead of 3! Also, it is suitable for all skin types, even for the delicate skin of babies and elderly. It has a mild soothing fragrance and a delicate opalescent green color. (If you have sensitive skin and is worrying about the fragrance, rest assured that Esemtan had passed strict skin sensitivity tests and was approved by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) – a body dedicated to the safe use of fragrant chemicals, and essential oils in perfume and skincare.)
Shower: Can be used like soap or commercial shower lotions while taking shower
Hand washing: Approx. 2-3ml Esemtan wash lotion to one palm, froth it by adding some water. Wash thoroughly, rinse & dry.
My experience:
This wash lotion forms some bubbles upon mixing with water. I used it as a body wash. On my skin, it feels just right, clean and not too drying at the same time. It works well on my (normal) skin, no redness or any irritations after use. Also, it gets rinsed off pretty easily with a bit of water. It does not have the usual fruity or floral scent, but I feel that I smell really clean after using it hehe!


Esemtan Skin Balm

Esemtan skin balm provides the skin with oil and moisture, permeating deeply into the skin with oil-in water emulsion, supporting and caring for our skin to protect it from drying. It also contains urea, which is very good for moisturising and speeding up skin cell renewal. This product has been dermatologically tested and proven to help reduce skin irritation and itch. It is suitable for daily hand and body care for all skin types, even for those with sensitive or dry skin. Not to forget, Esemtan skin balm also comes with mild soothing fragrance, allowing users with dry & sensitive skin to enjoy a soothing touch of fragrance.
Apply and rub it gently to the back of one hand and spread it, first from one back to the other back of the hand and then also to the palms of the hands.
Recommended to use daily, morning and evening after each wash.
My experience:
I used this skin lotion after my bath with Esemtan Wash Lotion. To be honest, the lotion was pretty thick and takes quite some time to be completely absorbed into my skin. I would recommend users to use this lotion in small amount only so that lesser time is required for the lotion to be absorbed fully. Despite being difficult to be absorbed, it does not feel sticky once absorbed into my skin. The lotion does not irritate my skin, and I enjoyed the light, pleasant fragrance of the lotion that lingered on my skin.
Indeed, I agree that the packaging is a little dull and the pricing might be a little steep. If your skin is especially sensitive and this works well for you after trying it out, I believe it is an worthy investment. Also, the price is not that steep if you do some calculations, since their products actually come in bigger sizes of 500mL and 1L. However, I would prefer my shower gel to be in a pump bottle as it is pretty difficult to get my grip on such a huge bottle.
Where To Buy:
Guardian, Unity, Watsons, Independent pharmacy (Pink beauty, Beauty essential), NHG
Retail Price:
Esemtan Wash Lotion $19.75/500ml, $35.30/1L
Esemtan Skin Balm $20/500ml

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