Friday, 17 July 2015

Soufeel Charm Bracelet

I was introduced to Soufeel a couple of weeks ago by Katelyn, and I'm hooked!!! Love love love my charm bracelet from Soufeel! :)
Remember Pandora? There was a pandora trend not long ago, and pandora charm bracelets were all over social media, especially during the festive season like christmas and valentine's day. I didn't have one because Pandora is far too pricey for students like me then.
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My pretty Soufeel bracelet came in a pretty white box with a baby blue ribbon!
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Yes, Soufeel's concept is similar to Pandora, but much much much more affordable. If you're someone like me, now you can afford a charm bracelet too, and at a fraction of its " predecessor's " price! Pandora's charms ranges from $30-1500, while Soufeel's charms ranges from about $20-$100 (and as low as $3.99 at their sale page)? That's a huge price difference!
Soufeel charms are made of mainly 925 sterling silver and colored gems. They also encourage customizations, allowing us to create our own memorable charms with photos at no extra costs. I was skeptical about the quality initially, due to the low prices, but I realised that I worried for nothing.. I picked quite a number of different types of charms and I am very happy with the quality so far!
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You start off by getting a silver bracelet or bangle, and you can proceed to collect different charms to add on to your bracelet/bangle. Some people simply purchase charms that they like, some like to stick to a color or follow a theme, and some people purchase charms that signifies the different events/occasions of their life. You can personalise your bracelet completely, add new charms and rearrange them as and when you like to. Of couse, you can even wear individual charms as necklaces too, it is all up to your preferences! FYI the silver bracelet is free if you purchase more than $138.60 worth of charms, which is about 3-5 Soufeel charms, and this is just about the right amount for one to start their Soufeel collection like me!
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Oh, and I forgot to mention, Soufeel actually operates online! This is so convenient and I kept going to their website to look at the different charms available when I am bored and travelling alone on the MRT. I kept discovering more charms that I would love to own! Shop with a few clicks (or touches on your smartphone) and wait for the arm candy to arrive at your house, ahh the beauty of online shopping. Shipping is free for purchases above $70!
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Now, more photos of my charm collection!
I currently own 10 charms after browsing through Soufeel's catalogue on their website. I don't wear them all together at the same. I like to mix and match to create different themes - blue and silver, pink and silver, silver only, etc - depending on my mood. Some days, I feel an inherent need to make sure that my bracelet is as symmetrical as possible, despite the fact that I don't have two of the same charm. Opps, signs of OCD perhaps?
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These are murano glass beads which I really love, because they show more color than the other types of metal charms. Mine are dark blue stripe wave murano glass beadpink murano glass bead and frozen sea blue murano glass bead.
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My birthday is in January and my birthstone is actually garnet (an orange/ dark red stone), hence I picked a birthstone charm to add on to my Soufeel collection, January Birthstone Dark Red Charm. Added the Rose Garden Charm because I love the rose design and partially because it is also round and can help me in making my bracelet more symmetrical. Picked the Heart Love Dangle Charm as my centre piece, since it is dangling and the heart design is simple yet nice!
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Was attracted to the color intensity of this Pink Shinning Crystal Charm, so I guess this is love at first sight? This charm is really shiny and pretty in real life, I can even wear it out alone hehe. It is also good to get a safety chain for your charm bracelet to ensure that the charms do not fall out while we wear or remove our bracelet. I picked the Shape In Bubble Safety Chain. The ends of the safety chain is to be placed before putting in any charm and after putting in the last charm. I actually wore my bracelet out without the safety chain yesterday, accidentally unclasped it on the train, and all my charms dropped all over the train floor. Lucky me managed to find all my charms, and I promise to wear my safety chain all the time now.
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Got the Lucky Clover Charm in hope that I'll have better luck in everything, four leaf clovers are meant to be lucky hehe! Also, spot that heart-shaped charm? It is not just any random love charm, it is actually a Memorable Charm! (See next photo, it is very cool I promise!)
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We can actually customise the Memorable Charm and have our photos printed on it at no extra costs! Isn't it cool to have photos of our loved ones on our charms? So, you can see that I picked a photo of me and my boyfriend to be on my Crystal Heart Memorable Charm. So fun!! By the way, this costs S$27.93 only, if you are wondering..
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I love my Soufeel charms and bracelet, and I hope that you will have fun customizing your own charm bracelet too. :)
Have fun shopping for your charms!!~

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