Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Zeltiq Coolsculpting Treatment on my Tummy with Astique

Remember my previous visit to Astique? I mentioned that I'll be doing Zeltiq Coolsculpting on my tummy to reduce the fats on my tummy! It has been three weeks after my treatment, so I'll share about my experience here! mfpw_astique_yingjie-21_zpsuvho8gzm_2 Zeltiq Coolsculpting is basically fat freezing that uses the patented Cryolipolysis technology which is the only FDA approved fat-freezing technology. To simplify everything, Cryolopolysis freezes our fat cells, causing cell death, without doing damage to our other body tissues. The dead fat cells will then gradually leave our body via our lymphatic system, in the form of urine and stools. I know there are many fat-freezing deals at really low prices out there, but do take note that the machine used is most likely not the FDA approved Zeltiq Coolsculpting. Also, consultations and treatments might not be done by a qualified doctor, settings on their machine may not be right, so why risk yourself just to safe some money? As you know, Zeltiq Coolsculpting is a medical device, hence it is absolutely essential to consult a qualified doctor prior to getting the treatment. I had a consultation session with Dr Celine Leong a couple of weeks before my treatment. She has to access if I am suitable for this procedure or not, as this procedure to not suitable for everyone. Luckily (or unluckily) for me, I am very suitable for Zeltiq Coolsculpting as I have large amount loose fats in both my tummy and thigh areas. She also told me that about 20-30% of the fats will be reduced in just 1 treatment!


I came back on another day for my treatment. I was given a pair of black disposable shorts to wear over as I was wearing a dress that day. Before the treatment, the therapist briefed me on the procedure again, and also used a white pencil to draw and explain to me where she will be placing the device. I will be doing a 2 area treatment on my tummy, on the left and right of my belly button. Each area will take exactly an hour with the machine. Now is the only time, and hopefully the last time you will ever see these tummy fats! mfpw_astique_yingjie-6_zpsdfuavmbb I was then seated on this wide chair which can be inclined at many different angles for my comfort. Firstly, the therapist applied some serum and a gel patch on my treatment area which is to protect my skin from the freezing. mfpw_astique_yingjie-14_zpstwpmybs9 Next, she placed the machine applicator over the first targetted area (my right side) that is marked out previously and applied suction. I was shocked that there were actually so much tummy fats, so much more than I can ever imagine. More than two handfuls, I must say. They all went into the suction device in seconds, and at that moment, I actually felt a little uncomfortable as the device is a little heavy. I was advised that this is very normal and I will feel numb after a couple of minutes after the therapist start the freezing on the Zeltiq Coolsculpting machine. mfpw_astique_yingjie-16_zps1eyzgffz Luckily for me, there is this huge U-shaped cushion that is placed under the suction applicator, so I felt a lot better even before I became numb. mfpw_astique_yingjie-18_zpslzqstoha_2_3 The therapist then covered me up with blankets and adjusted my seat to make me comfortable for the next one hour. mfpw_astique_yingjie-19_zpsa1odvx5w_2 The therapist was very kind to prepare warm water and hot milo for me! She also left a walkie talkie beside me, which I can use to call for help or ask for more water, etc. If you are there alone, do make sure your phone/ipad is fully charged or bring along a book! You may also take a nap of course, if you feel comfortable enough to do so. Luckily for me, I have the MFP girls accompanying me and chatting to me the whole time, so I didn't get bored. mfpw_astique_yingjie-24_zpscpallvof After an hour, the therapist came and removed the applicator. This part is super uncomfortable!! My tummy was practically a frozen and hard piece of meat (or ham), just look at the photo!! I was pretty freaked out to be honest. I was thinking, "oh my god, what if this lump stays here in this shape forever?" It was a mixture of numbness and slight pain as the therapist massaged the area for a couple of minutes until my tummy doesn't look like a lump anymore, just slightly pinkish. I actually did some research online, people call this effect "a slab of butter" and this supposedly means better results in the months to come. Hopefully that is true! 20151001_194420 Luckily for me, there was still time that day, and the therapist did my second area after the first, on the left side of my belly button. I went through the same process, plus another one hour of waiting. I left the clinic feeling fine, and my tummy was just slightly pinkish and cold. I was advised that there might be detox effects for a week or two, and I should drink lots of water to "wash" the dead fat cells out of my body. Also, results will start to show after about three months. I will recommend you to do multiple treatments on the same day, as this means that you'll only go through the recovery phase (or side effects) once. I am pretty sensitive and the recovery phase was far from enjoyable for me. I started to have some side effects on the next day. My tummy swelled up very badly (I looked 3 months pregnant), and it felt really really numb. The nerves in my tummy area went crazy too, it was very sensitive and painful even when the cloth of my dress brush past my tummy slightly or when i touch my tummy. On top of the nerve pain, my tummy was also hard and painful from the inside. I know I don't even sound logical, how can it be numb and painful and sensitive at the same time right? But that was really the case for me, and I was very worried. Luckily for me, Astique has a 24-hr sms hotline, so I sms-ed them about my situation and they assured me that this is normal during recovery. I will not say that there is no downtime, but it is possible to go on with my daily life after the treatment. I definitely can't walk as quickly as before due to the pain, I can't sit down comfortably, I can only fit into super loose dresses, I can't hug my boyfriend, and my tummy hurts after meals (I believe it might be swollen on the inside too, hence less space for food). However, I was able to go to work and to go for dates, despite struggling with the discomfort. Everything only started getting better gradually after a week or so. At three weeks now, there is still a tiny bit of discomfort and pain, but my tummy is back to my original size. I am sharing about my side effects not to scare you all or to discourage you from doing the treatment, but to let those who are going for this procedure to be mentally prepared (unlike me). No pain, no gain, right? I am thankful that the side effects are almost all gone now, and I am looking forward to see the results two to three months later! Bye bye, tummy! Astique 350 Orchard Road #08-00 Shaw House Singapore 238868 (Within Asiamedic Specialist Centre) Tel: +65 6732 3801 24hr SMS: +65 9857 7892 Email: enquiry@astiqueclinic.com    

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Singapore Public Holidays and Long Weekends in 2016

2015 is almost over, I can't wait for the festive season as well as 2016 to come!! Since I am working now and I don't have long stretches of school holidays anymore, public holidays as well as long weekends are very precious to me. Went to look up for the public holidays in 2016 and I'm sharing the joy here hehe! 7 long weekends and a couple more if you're willing to utilise some of your annual leave! Awesome much :D Disclaimer: The information below are from various sources.

Singapore Public Holidays 2016

Date Day Holiday
01 Jan 2016 Friday New Year’s Day
08 Feb 2016 Monday Chinese New Year
09 Feb 2016 Tuesday Chinese New Year
25 Mar 2016 Friday Good Friday
01 May 2016 Sunday^ Labour Day
21 May 2016 Saturday Vesak Day
06 July 2016 Wednesday Hari Raya Puasa
09 Aug 2016 Tuesday National Day
12 Sep 2016 Monday Hari Raya Haji
29 Oct 2016 Saturday Deepavali
25 Dec 2016 Sunday* Christmas Day
^Monday, 2 May 2016, will be a public holiday. *Monday, 26 December 2016, will be a public holiday. References: Singapore Public Holidays 2016 as Published by the Ministry of Manpower.white-spacer

Public Holidays 2016 Singapore

The Singapore Employment Act acknowledges that some people may be required to work on a public holiday due to the nature of their job. In such cases, the employee should be paid an extra day’s salary and get a different day off in lieu of the public holiday they missed. Sometimes a public holiday in Singapore falls on a rest day or non-working day. In this case, the next working day is a paid holiday. There are certain situations where a worker would not receive public holiday pay; for example, if they have agreed with their employer a period of unpaid leave which includes the date of the holiday. However, if they are on unpaid leave the day before or after the public holiday, their holiday pay is not affected. Another reason a worker may not receive public holiday pay is if they were absent without reason on the working day before or after the public holiday. The Employment Act is the most important piece of legislation regarding labour in Singapore. Most working people in Singapore are covered by it, but there are exceptions. The worker must be under a contract of service with their employer. This includes foreign employees living in Singapore, and the law applies regardless of how many hours they work and how regularly they are paid. However, managers and executives earning over $4,500 per month, seafarers, domestic workers, statutory board employees and civil servants are not covered.

Singapore Long Weekend Calendar 2016


2016 Public holidays in Singapore

The diverse mix of cultures and religions in Singapore means the country marks many different occasions with public holidays. This includes the primary Christian, Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist holidays, and secular events such as National Day and Labour Day. Everyone whose job is covered by the nation’s Employment Act is entitled to a day off on each of these official Singapore public holidays. This ensures that no-one is forced to work on a holy day in their religion, and all of the cultures that co-exist in Singapore are celebrated and recognised equally and respectfully. In Singapore, all working adults who are covered by the Employment Act are entitled to 11 paid public holidays in Singapore each year. These holidays are New Year’s Day, Chinese New Year (two days), Good Friday, Labour Day,Vesak Day, Hari Raya Puasa/Aidilfitri, National Day, Hari Raya Haji, Deepavali and Christmas Day. References: singapore public holidays 2016

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Groupon Review - Outback steakhouse

2323So here is another short review on one of our groupon food adventures! We were at marina square and can't decide on what to have for dinner some time ago.. I vaguely remember seeing a groupon for Outback Steakhouse (which is located at Millenia Walk), hence we decided to make a booking, purchase the groupon vouchers on my mobile app and head there for dinner! Yes, we booked before buying our vouchers haha, stalk my tips to shop on Groupon if you haven't. The groupon deal is still available now if you are interested, S$19.90 for a set meal instead of S$43.20 at 2 locations, available for 1 pax, 2 pax and 4 pax. We bought the 2 pax one of course haha! There are only 3 choices for the set meal - Ribs and Chicken combo, Black Pepper Steak Bites or Toowoomba Chicken - and each set comes with a soup of the day and a glass of soda. The staffs were polite and we were seated very quickly upon arrival. Each table also gets a free loaf of bread and butter, groupon or not, good for munching on as we wait for our food. image And here's our food! image If I remember correctly, the soup was some chicken and vegetable soup, and it tasted alright! image The BF picked Black Pepper Steak Bites since we were at a Steakhouse, and it was okayish. It comes with veggies as well as some fries. As mentioned in the groupon voucher, this is steak bites and not a big slice of steak that you get from the regular menu, so please take note if you wanna pick this. Taste was okay but it really seemed like scrap pieces of meat as you can see from the photo. He said that he'd rather pick the Ribs and Chicken combo if he was given a choice again. image I picked the Toowoomba Chicken, which is a piece of chicken breast, topped with Toowoomba sauce, and it comes with some veggies. I would prefer it to come with fries or potatoes instead of veggies, opps. The meat was pretty dry (chicken breast is meant to be dry) but it was fine for me as I prefer less fatty meat, so it depends on your preference I guess. The sauce was yummy, but the prawns that come with the sauce are those tasteless and transparent looking crystal prawns which I abhor. Still, I can't deny that I liked the sauce hahaha. image

Overall Review:

The food was okay, but not remarkably good. I can't deny I was a little disappointed in the food, as I have high expectations for this place which charges over S$40 for a set meal. I believe I am able to get a more satisfactory western meal at another restaurant for S$19.90. Maybe it is because we are restricted to 3 choices only, due to the groupon deal... However, it is still worth a try since it is more than 50% off, if you are interested. Their regular menu looks not bad though, so I am tempted to head back there to try their regular menu next time.