Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Old Boys Gallery + Vouchers Giveaway

Yay I found a new spot to dine and to hang out at - Old Boys Gallery! Here's a review of this place, and you gotta read till the end, because there are $100 worth of OBG vouchers up for grabs! You won't wanna miss this, really. Summary of my post: good food, affordable prices (with no GST and service charge), nice environment and good location! (Disclaimer: I'm sorry but the photos are not very clear. My camera was down, so I took the photos with my handphone and my phone's camera doesn't work too well under dim lighting of the bar. Still looks yummy to me though :P ) wpid-20151005_194755.jpg Old Boys Gallery is the latest addition to the neighbourhood of Kampong Bahru (a walkable distance from Outram Park MRT Station), serving western-fusion with more than 50 different variety of craft beers and ciders. In its location was formerly an art gallery but has now been transformed into a bistro where food meets art. Having yummy food in a gallery-like bistro is truly theraputic, especially after a long day at work! wpid-20151005_192221.jpg
The interior is made up of different types of art - graffiti, murals and canvas paintings. A quirky little bistro that is surprisingly comforting in its own way. wpid-20151005_192333.jpg Also, there is a wall with lots and lots of beer bottles! How cool is that? If you like to drink, you'd be spoilt for choices! wpid-20151005_192342.jpg


We had our drinks while waiting for dinner to be served. I picked apple juice ($4.50) while the BF decided to try out their Aspall Berry Cider ($12)! Quite a unique drink which I've never seen before outside.. Those who prefer fruitty drinks should try this! I don't usually take alcohol, but I find this pretty good.

Potato head ($7.90) & Spam chips ($9); Yuan Yang Chips ($9)

They have quite a huge selection of fries and chips, which are like my favourite finger food ever. Good to go with beer too, if you're there for a drink. House fries, truffle fries, sweet potato fries, spam chips and onion rings... Decided to try their sweet potato fries (comes with curry mustard dip) and spam chips (comes with wasabi mayo dip), and luckily they were able to let us have a basket with both instead of ordering 2 baskets, yay! They call it the Yuan Yang Chips ($9 for a basket), it is not on the menu but you may ask for this if the place is not too packed. I usually prefer potato fries, but I can't deny that the sweet potato fries tasted good, especially when paired with that curry mustard dip. Also, the spam chips are quite unforgettable as it is my first time having them, luncheon meat slices fried to the crispiness of potato chips. wpid-20151005_193710.jpg

Triplets ($21)

They actually have 18 different types of Bits & Bites (ranges from $9-18) in their menu, and we were given an option to pick three to make a Triplets platter! This is pretty interesting and good for sharing with your friends! We picked their signature OBG wings, OBG crab cake as well as Cordon Bleu for our Triplets. Our favourite would be their OBG marmite wings, the combination of marmite sauce and chicken wings is ingenious! wpid-20151005_194047.jpg

Manster Burger ($14.90)

Le BF had their signature burger, which is a beef burger with all the things you'd wish for on a burger! Cheese, egg, bacon and caramelised onions.The BF loved it and he said that the beef patty was juicy and nice! If you know me, you'd be wondering why I didn't order a basket of truffle fries earlier. This is because this dish comes with fries for the sides, and we had it upgraded to truffle fries (+$3)! We were given a choice of thick fries or shoe string fries, we had thick fries but I'd pick shoe string fries if I were to go back, nothing wrong with thick fries but I guess I personally prefer thinner fries.. They were super generous with their truffle oil, major love!! wpid-20151005_194304.jpg

Mushroom Carbonara ($12.90)

This is my favourite among all the things I had that night. I am some weirdo who loves carbonara but doesn't like ham or bacon, and this is super duper perfect for me!!!! I usually end up eating plain spaghetti with cream sauce, but now, I get a poached egg with lots and lots of mushrooms. The mushrooms are not bitter at all and the carbonara sauce was creamy and good. Can't wait to have this again~~~ This is totally made for me! If you're one who prefer having meat, fret not, they also have Roast Pork Carbonara ($14.90) and many more pasta choices. I find their Roast Pork Carbonara pretty interesting, since it is a fusion of chinese and western food. Who has ever thought of having your favourite "shio ba" with creamy spaghetti? wpid-20151005_194443.jpg Oh noooo, I'm so hungry after typing this post!!! I can't wait to head back there again, and I will definitely order the Mushroom Carbonara and truffle fries! Yum yum :D dots


Old Boys Gallery has kindly agreed to sponsor 5 x $20 cash vouchers!! :) *throws confetti* Vouchers will be valid for 1 month, no minimum spending is required, and vouchers are not valid with existing promotions or purchase of beer. image Giveaway will be hosted on instagram and here is how to join:
  1. Follow @fishaberry and @oldboysgallery on instagram.
  2. Read my review on my blog at myfatpocket.com/eijgniy
  3. On my instagram post, comment which dish you'd like to try at OBG, as well as tag 3 friends who you will bring along with you when you use the voucher.
Giveaway will close in a week on 10 November 2359hrs, and the 5 winners will be announced by the weekends. Good luck people!! If only I can join this giveaway too... *sighs* Old Boys Gallery Tel: 91870756 Add: 67 Kampong Bahru Road, Singapore 169371 (Outram Park MRT station, Exit G) Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oldboysgallery Operating hours: Every Monday to Saturday 11.30am to 11.00pm

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