Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Review: ErucA Japanese Hair Care

Some time ago, I received the full range of ErucA hair products. I was overjoyed to receive so many pretty looking japanese products. I've always wanted to try this brand when I saw it in the stores due to the pretty packaging, and now is my chance! These products are as good as they look, not to forget that they are insanely nice-smelling! The formula is said to be made up of exquisite flower fragrances. The fragrance stays in my hair after each wash, and I am more than happy to be surrounded by sweet fragrance all night long. dsc08679_2 The full range of products from ErucA consists of three series - Scalp and Volume, 3D Volume Up and Moist & Repair - perfect for my not-so-perfect hair. I once did a lot of chemical treatments to my hair, and I am now trying to grow my hair out as the ends recover. More goodness for my hair yay! Also, each of the three series have a different scent, and I love 'em all. dsc08706_2 ErucA is a Japanese hair care brand with botanical oil infused shampoos and conditioners. Their main focus is on seed oils, which provide nature's 'silicon-like' effects but without the harmful effects of silicon itself. Seed oils from broccoli, cowberry, bilberry, milk thistle, etc is the hallmark of this moisturizing and shine-inducing formula, while the blend also contains other rich botanically-sourced oils such as argan, virgin prune and marula oil, which helps rejuvenate tired tresses. dsc08703_2

Scalp and Volume

The Scalp and Volume contains specially selected seed oils help to restore balance to your scalp, and moisturizing hyaluronic acid repairs and alleviate common scalp problems! dsc08718_2 There's also all natural botanical oil extracted from cowberry and billberry seeds that helps to revive and restore your hair and scalp. dsc08672_2 ErucA also carries Scalp and Volume Hair Mask which can give our scalp a good, relaxing and aromatic massage! dsc08733_2

3D Volume Up

This silicon-free formula cares for our hair an scalp, and it contains volumizing ingredients to create volume from the roots without the use of harmful products. Botanical oil extracted from broccoli seed and cranberry seed moisturise and cleanse hair and scalp, clarifying hair without stripping essential oils from scalp. dsc08676_2

Moist & Repair

This is my favourite out of the three series! It consists of hair defining formula that restores the balance of water and oil in our hair and scalp for frizz-free hair. It is made of luxurious argon oil, virgin prune oil and marula oil to help make hair more manageable while being gentle. dsc08725_2 I have been using the shampoo from this series daily. It forms a lightweight foam when lathered, and I find that even the shampoo alone is enough to make my hair well-moisturised! Cheers to soft and nice-smelling hair! :) dsc08668_2 Here is the texture of both shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo is clear and pretty fluid, while the conditioner is thick and pretty nourishing. 2016-01-27 20.39.18

Where to get ErucA products?

You can find them at Guardian and Tokyu Hands branches nationwide. You can also purchase them online at Maimee's Corner ( Retail prices range from S$18.90 - S$22.90. For a limited time only, you can also redeem free ErucA samples from!
To stand a chance to win ErucA products, 'Like' ErucA on Facebook here to participate in their upcoming CNY contest and ongoing weekly contests!

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