Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Uncle Ringo at MBS - March 2016

1515Went to Uncle Ringo at MBS on Sunday evening for some fun, I felt like a child all over again. 20160306_195426_mr1457358017536 20160306_194458 Uncle Ringo has always been part of my Chinese New Year memories, when I visit River Hong Bao with my family on Chinese New Year's eve annually. I will always pester my parents to let me have a go at rides and the game stalls, and on lucky days, I will bring a new soft toy home. 20160306_195520 It has been a few years since I last played at the game stalls, and I think it has been like 100 years since I last have a go at bumper cars?!?!! YESSS Uncle Ringo has adult bumper cars here! *throws confetti* In case you're interested, Uncle Ringo will be at the open area next to Marina Bay Sands for March (until 27 March 2016). They open daily, from 5pm onwards. If you are getting here by MRT, it will be at Exit E of Bayfront MRT station. 20160306_203929 After we got our game card (it works like ezlink card or the card at the arcade), we toured around the area, looking at all the booths and rides before we decide on what to play. I like this location because it is very spacious, and I think there is some light exihibition nearby which you may want to check out. There are many many booths, I would say around 20? Also, apart from games booth, there are rides for both kids and adults that you might want to check out! I'm more of a games person, because I want the soft toys haha! I was squealing at the cute soft toys which are to be the prizes for the games. Psssst, the soft toys here are really very attractive, so much cuter than those that I brought home last time lol. Snowgies, stitch, minions, baby mickey and minnie, etc... I love the snowgies!!! We decided to go for the bumper car ride (Duh, of course!) and then spend the rest of our credits at the game stalls. 20160306_200258 20160306_200818_mr1457357932646 The bumper car costed us $10 each. Although it is the most expensive ride there, I say that it is money well spent. We rarely get to play (or even see) adult bumper car nowadays.. Plus the duration for one round feels pretty long, so it is worth it! I admit that I am a horrible driver, I kept getting stuck at the side, going in circles, and I don't know why I was in reverse mode most of the time, eeeks. The boyfriend kept bumping into me on purpose, meanie. But it was lots of fun, I love this hehe! 20160306_200847_mr1457359265682 Oh ya, there is this ride that you girls will love... Carousel!! The ride is not ready today, but it will be ready soon! Posted a video of the carousel on my instagram hehe, so pretty and dreamlike~~ 20160306_193654 So we decided on a few games that we'd like. Actually, we made the decision based on the soft toys that I like haha! 20160306_195347 My favourite was the Snowgie! For this game, we have to throw the hoop around the target in order to win the game. We tried a few rounds but failed to win a snowgie.. *cries* 20160306_194448 The bf trying hard to win a snowgie for me... 20160306_202100 And I tried too.. They call this the "air ball" in basketball, my hoop didn't even go near the target, opps. 20160306_202123 Next, I decided I like the stitch too. This game is kinda based on luck, it depends on if we are able to get the ball into the different compartments and earn a certain number of points in order to get a toy. 20160306_194839 Bf on the stitch mission now! 20160306_194818 And the very unlucky me trying.... 5fd48568-ef99-4e8f-9552-40f5b5718289 Tried a couple of times and we still failed. And here's the throw-and-hit-all-the-cans game. The prize is a winnie the pooh in a monkey suit! He managed to knock down all the cans but one of them did not fall off the plate so it didn't warrant us a prize... 20160306_201936 20160306_200133 But well, I went home with a little dragon! :) 20160306_195908 We won it from this game that is based on luck at well, rolling the ball into holes with different scores. We attained the minimum, hence we got a small prize! Yippeeee, at least I didn't go home empty handed!!! Say bye to your dragon family! 20160306_202755 And we stopped playing after using up all our credits. I went around taking photos of the other booths just for you, so continue looking at the photos below ya? And thank you Uncle Ringo and Uncle Francis for this invite, I had lots of fun! :) :) 20160306_202420 20160306_195655 20160306_195608 20160306_195637 20160306_195507 20160306_195204 20160306_194938 20160306_194728 20160306_194735 20160306_193652

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