Friday, 22 April 2016

My First Experience at Beijing 101 + Giveaway!

Since young, I've always known that Beijing 101 specialises in hair care, and I can even remember the tune of the song of their TV advertisement ! However, I thought that they only provide solutions for hair loss, but no, I'm wrong. They actually provide a wide range of hair services, such as treatments for white hair, dandruff, oily scalp, hair cut and even hair dye! dsc08778_light I haven’t been taking good care of my hair as I have been dyeing my hair excessively in recent years, and I thought that I should start paying more attention to my hair’s health. Decided to visit Beijing 101 at NEX Serangoon outlet few weeks ago after work for my first consultation and hair care treatment, and I took this chance to check on the condition and health of my hair/scalp. DSC08774 Beijing 101's interior is decorated very nicely, I feel very comforted and relaxed as I entered the outlet. DSC08777 DSC08766 Got my consultation done over here! DSC08765 They offered me some chrysanthemun tea as I waited for the staff to get my registration done. dsc08781_2 Xiao Ling, the hair consultant from Beijing 101, taught me so much about my hair and hair care during our one-on-one consultation that night! I got to know that the health of our hair is directly related to our blood circulation, so it is important for us to stay healthy to ensure good blood circulation. Beijing 101 Hair Consultant also shared with me some of the common hair problems that people face:
  • hair loss
  • white hair
  • oily hair/scalp
  • itchy scalp
DSC08802 Being professionally trained and certified, the Beijing 101 Hair Consultant took to understanding my lifestyle and haircare habits, before proceeding to do a scalp diagnosis. I learnt that smoking, drinking, sleeping late, having salty and fried food actually affect the health of our hair. This is because these activities harm our organs (eg. liver) which result in poor blood circulation, and in turn, result in poor hair health. Luckily I don't drink and smoke, but I guess I have to cut down on my salty and fried food, as well as to sleep earlier in order for my hormones to repair and detox as well. This was the device that she used for my scalp diagnosis. dsc08789_light She ran through the device at the top, sides and the back of my head. DSC08800 And here's a closer look of my scalp, eeeks! Guess what's my main concern? DSC08817 Those white stuff are actually sebum that is clogging my hair follicle, and they cannot be seen with the naked eye.My main concern is that I have oily scalp, which resulted in that. I asked the Beijing 101 Hair Consultant if it is because I haven't been washing my hair well, and she told me that it is normal to have them since I haven't been going for any scalp treatment, and regular shampoos will not be able to clear the clogged pores. I also learnt from the Beijing 101 Hair Consultant that normal hair growth would have three strands of hair in one follicle, and looking at mine, I guess my hair are still growing well at the moment! :) However, should I not take proper care of my scalp, the hair follicle might be clogged up and this would affect the hair’s metabolism, and thus, cause me to suffer from hair loss problems in the future. DSC08788 And since we have narrowed down on my hair problem, the Beijing 101 Hair Consultant came up with a treatment plan for me to remove the oil and to improve the health of my hair. She recommended me to do Puriscalp Mask as well as Herbal Hair Treatment. There are 4 main steps as follows:
  1. Cleaning mask to detox
  2. Hairwash using their in-house herbal haircare products
  3. Application of hair tonic to provide nutrients as well as to balance the oil level
  4. Head massage for hair/scalp to better absorb the tonic and to improve blood circulation


The Beijing 101 Hair Consultant led me to another part of the outlet, an I was surprised to find a "salon" inside! There are approximately 15 seats, and each seat has its own "cubicle", thumbs up for privacy! dsc08819s_light I settled down and it really felt like I was going to get my hair dyed at a salon haha! dsc08823_white This is the Puriscalp Mask, and the Beijing 101 Hair Consultant used the Deep Cleaning Scalp Mask on me. This mask will cleanse and remove excessive sebum, as well as to detox and balance oil secretion for optimal hair growth in the long run. DSC08832 The mask it applied to the roots of my hair and the mask was left on for about twenty minutes. It felt very minty and refreshing on my scalp! I love minty products hehe. DSC08838 After twenty minutes, I was brought to the washing area. The Beijing 101 Hair Consultant was really skilful, incorporating some massaging techniques as she washed and applied conditioner on my hair, even getting my hair washed feels shiok! I learnt that Iit will be best for us to wash our hair once daily. Did you know that you should not wash your hair with hot or cold water? The Beijing 101 Hair Consultant mentioned that water at 37 degree Celsius would be the optimal temperature, cold water will not be able to cleanse effectively, and hot water will harm our scalp and might even cause oily scalp. After the hair wash, it was time for the hair tonic. Likewise, the hair tonic was also applied to the roots of my hair all over my scalp. The Hair Intensify Tonic helps with hair fall and soothes the scalp, and is especially good for those with dandruff issues. This time round, there was no minty feeling but the hair tonic gives out a herbal smell. dsc08869_light I had a head massage after the tonic was applied. It is relaxing and I really enjoyed it! The head massage aids to promote blood circulation, release tension from our scalp and prevent hair loss. Best of all, it improves sleep, which I really need! dsc08879_light After the massage, the Beijing 101 Hair Consultant blow-dry and tidied up my hair to end off the treatment. I always thought that using hair dryer on high heat is good as it helps to speed up the hair drying process, but I learnt that it is better to use the hair dryer on a low heat setting. DSC08880 Feeling very refreshed after the Puriscalp Mask and Herbal Hair Treatment + Beijing 101 Signature Scalp & Head Massage hehe! :) It has been a long time since my hair felt so clean, light and healthy! dsc08883_2 Went back to the Consultation room after the treatment to do a scalp diagnosis again. This is so that we can compare the "before" and "after" photos in order to see if the hair/scalp condition has improved. DSC08894 Here is a closer look of my "After" photo! Now, I have clean hair follicles finally!! Thank you Beijing 101! :D I would recommend you to visit Beijing 101 for a consultation to understand your hair condition.Beijing 101 was able to accurately spot my hair problem and come up with a customised treatment plan for me. I was really amazed to see positive results just after one treatment, and I can really feel the difference as well! I am confident that they will be able to keep my scalp and hair in good health. :) DSC08897 Thank you for the great service, knowledge on hair care as well as the awesome hair treatment + massage! dsc08903_2 Some news to share, Beijing 101 Tiong Bahru outlet would be opening in mid-May. Yay, another outlet that is near to my home! Do like Beijing 101’s Facebook page to be updated with the latest news, tips on hair care, contests and more! You might want to head down to speak to Beijing 101’s experienced and trained hair consultants to identify your hair issues. Also, here are some treats for my readers, giveaway and special treatments just for you! :) giveaway2