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Casio ZR5000 x Craftholic Pop-Up Cafe

{{This is a non-sponsored post, all photos in this blog post (except for the first and last image) are taken with Casio ZR5000 and are not edited.}}

So... Following a camera workshop, the kind folks from Casio and My Fat Pocket allowed me to bring home and play around with their new Casio ZR5000 for two weeks! Picked the green (mint) beauty to bring home, and decided to bring it out when I go cafehopping with the BF at Craftholic Pop-Up Cafe!!

I have always dreamt of having a Casio camera.. If you don't know, Casio is very very very popular for their selfie cameras, which might also be known as the Casio Exilim TR series aka 自拍神器. (It was always sold out when I wanted to buy it in the past). The make up mode of this series is really good, many of my blogger friends use this camera, and there is no need for editing at all - flawless skin that is milky smooth and pinkish! The newer series also has this beautifying tan mode, for those who prefer the sporty look..

Guess what, I heard that the new ZR5000 also has the same beauty mode as the TR series as well as a 180 degrees flip screen for selfies! Girls who love taking selfies will know that the postioning of the shutter button is very important since we'll be having our arms extended at a distance just to take a proper selfie.. One of my favourite thing about this camera is the additional front shutter button just below the lens, which is so so so convenient for selfies. On top of that, it is packed with a number of other functions and at like half the price of the TR series.. I have only tested out some common and more general functions of the camera during the weekends, there are just too many functions that I have yet to try! Also, this camera is very lightweight, the size and functions make it perfect for travelling.

The first ever Craftholic Pop-Up Cafe outside Japan is right here in Singapore at Kki Sweets, which is located at School of the Arts (SOTA) near Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station. They are usually a cake shop, and from 17 September 2016 to 13 November 2016, they are selling edible craftholic food and desserts. Soooooooooo cute please!! Woke up early on a Sunday morning just to come to this cafe! We reached at about 12pm (it opens at 11.30am) and there was already a queue, about 10 groups of people in front of us. The cafe was full and most tables were waiting for their food...

Wefie while waiting... See, I really love the make up mode of this Casio ZR5000, it gives us milky skin hehe! For the make up mode, there are 2 settings to use, one for skin tone (tan to light) and one for smooth skin, 12 levels to choose from for each setting. I used a moderate light tone and standard smooth skin settings for most of my photos..

[Tip: I'll recommend you to come before 11.30am and be the first batch of people to enter the cafe. They are really slow in preparing the food and facilitating the crowd. After more than an hour, when I was first in the queue, there was an empty table for 2 and they only seated us after 15 minutes.] Realised I forgot to snap a photo of the menu, here is a photo grabbed from mitsueki's blog. Craftholic members get 10% off, so please remember to bring along your card if you are a member! (I'm not, so no discount for me, boo hoo..)

The counter... We decided on what we want while queueing and placed our order once we entered the cafe. We wanted to order quite a number dishes initially, but I got annoyed with the wait outside the cafe and we ended up ordering 2 mains and a cake only. [Tip: please order your food once you enter the cafe, before going around to explore and take photos.. Our food took another 45 mins to 1 hour to be served.]

 Went around to explore the small cafe and to take photos of the craftholics decor.. The whole place is really quite cute, craftholic fans will love it! They also have some craftholic merchandise for sale, if you're interested~ I also tested out some filters of the Casio ZR5000 along the way.. To be fair, the cafe was quite dim, so I think the camera did well even though the lighting was not good!

Took this photo and transferred it to my phone via the wifi function, this is my phone's new wallpaper by the way. The Casio ZR5000 has this wifi feature that allows us to transfer the photos from the camera to the phone, super convenient! I don't have to insert the memory card into my laptop to access the photos. The usual me would have also uploaded these photos onto social media, but I wanted to keep this post about the Craftholic cafe as a surprise so I did not post any photo on instagram that day..  Oh, there is also another function that allows us to connect our phones to the camera to act as a remote controller, super cool please! I would have done a DIY graduation shoot with the BF if I have a camera with this phone remote function...  cimg0115_2 cimg0097 cimg0096 cimg0093 cimg0113_2 cimg0092 {Using Art Shot: Miniature} This mode might be useful for travelling especially, when you take photos of sceneries.. cimg0087 {Using Art Shot: Soft Focus} I love this soft focus mode, it has a dreamy look which is sooo pretty~ cimg0085 {Using Art Shot: Sparkling Shot} Wah I love this filter! It detects light and make each light into a sparkle... If I own this camera, I will go crazy happy taking photos of christmas lights!! So pretty~~~ cimg0088 {Using Art Shot: Pop} This filter is more for  fun and it makes colors like pink, orange and green looks more neon than ever.. cimg0090 {Using Art Shot: Crystal Ball} See those cuties in the ball :) i like the monkey! cimg0095 Another craftholic that is bigger than us again! cimg0107 And then... the food arrived!! Garlic Aioli Roast Chicken Sandwich served with truffle potato chips and japanese ice green tea (S$16.80) The Sandwich is shaped like a craftholic, how cute! As this dish came earlier than the other main and the cake, it was left on the table for quite some time as I wanted a photo of all dished before we start eating, and I have no idea if the chicken is supposed to be cold or at room temperature, opps. Taste was pretty alright, the aioli flavor and truffle flavor was minimal though.  cimg0120 Me and my cutest meal ever! (Pssst, see those envious people queueing outside..) cimg0152 Beef Stew with Butter Rice served with sloth tortilla chip and japanese iced green tea (S$16.80) Another cute dish with bear-shaped rice! I can't taste the butter in the rice but the stew was quite alright. I don't take beef so I only had the sauce, carrot and rice. The BF said that it tasted not bad as well! cimg0142 The BF was super hungry already but he have to wait for the cake to arrive for my photo before he can start on his food hehe.. #woesofbeingablogger'sBF cimg0148_2 Singapore Flavor: Pandan Souffle Cheesecake (S$7.80) This does not taste like a cheesecake at all. Ordered this thinking that it will be good since Kki is usually a cake shop.  I am not a pandan fan usually, but the super lightweight souffle flavor was refreshing to the tastebuds. Still, I don't think I can finish this alone and I won't order this again. Why don't they serve normal cheesecakes instead... Suggest that you try other desserts if you are not a fan of pandan.. cimg0154 Didn't have much expectation for the food before coming here as it seems like the public perception of food served at character cafes are only for the eyes, and won't taste as good. I guess the two mains at this craftholic cafe can't go wrong, and they tasted quite okay. The only downside was the long waiting time and small portion. Expected damage is $20-30 per pax and 3 hours.  cimg0156 Last wefie before we start on our meal! And last thing about the camera... The super wide angle 19mm lens! Did you notice that the selfies/wefies can capture more details than my usual photos? I was pretty impressed with the details captured in this shot especially, I can never get a proper wefie during meals if I were to use my phone or old camera and my short arm.. This is really the perfect camera for me, ahh~~ cimg0161  So that's the end of my trip to Craftholic Pop-Up Cafe with the BF and the Casio ZR5000! I hope you enjoyed the post and cute photos! :) 20160925_141657 Casio ZR5000 Black - $699 (limited color) Pink, Green & White - $629 All cameras come with a 16GB SD Card + Camera Case. All prices above are inclusive of 7% GST. Craftholic Cafe 1 Zubir Said Drive, Level 2 School of the Arts Singapore 227968 Tel: +65 6225 6650 Opening hours: Tue – Wed 1130am – 930pm | Facebook

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