Tuesday, 15 December 2015

VDL Face Makeup

Here are some bestsellers from VDL which I received earlier this year after attending their opening event at Orchard Ion Linkway. Been using a couple of them regularly and I love them! :) Just like you, I was new to VDL. I was pretty interested in their products as they are a pretty new mid-range Korean brand (2 years old now) in Singapore and a friend of mine strongly recomends this foundation. So here's my review on the Skin P+R=O Almighty Ampoule Essence, Lumilayer Primer and Perfect Lasting Foundation (from right to left)! image The first step before applying any makeup, the VDL SKIN P+R=O Almighty Ampoule Essence (50ml S$88), is an anti-oxidant ampoule essence. Because our skin gets exposed to the harmful sunrays, anti-oxidants help to repair and prevent damage caused to our skin from the inside-out. This ampoule essence is made of natural fermented ingredients which helps to break down the molecular structure of ingredients to deliver nutrients for the skin, great for improving skin condition and reduce signs of aging. It has a liquid texture which is very lightweight, good for any skin type. It hydrates my skin and makes it feel softer. I'll recommend those lazy bums to use this as an all-in-one skincare if you don't have the habit of applying any skincare before makeup. image VDL's bestseller should be the VDL Lumilayer Primer (30ml, S$36). Apart from making our make up more long lasting, it is made of VDL's very own patented Violet Lightflects pigments! These pigments work to reflect light off different angles of the face, giving a more 3D and highlighted look. These pigments are in a cool violet and silvery tone, which I believe is good for giving our skin a glowy look and to reduce redness. The texture is amazingly very lightweight and I actually find it moisturising even when I apply makeup without any skincare beforehand (lazy me opps). I have had primers which dries way too fast, resulting in making my skin not smooth enough for makeup application, but not this. I actually share VDL's link for free samples with my friends, and I have received quite a number of good feedback from them. This primer can be used in 2 ways, applying up to a 1:1 ratio by mixing with their foundation (below) or applying a layer of primer all over the face before applying foundation. Personally I like to mix them in a 1:1 ratio for my daily makeup to acheive a foundation with relatively moderate coverage as I only have to apply once (save time) and I can also skip highlighting (which is quite a few steps). wpid-20150713_152051.jpg Last but not least, VDL Perfecting Last Foundation SPF 30/PA++ (30ml for S$42) is a long lasting foundation that provides matte and good coverage. It is formulated with ther in-house Light-Fitting Cover Complex, Lumilayer pigments and Bio Moisture Layer Technology. The Light-Fitting Cover Complex are pigment particles that has a flat surface, enabling smooth application without clumping, delivering a flawless and even foundation coverage; the Lumilayer pigments make our skin radiant; and the Bio Moisture Layer technology balances water and oil level in the skin. The liquid foundation can be easily applied with my fingers. Foundation is matte when applied alone (a little less matte when mixed with primer), and I feel that it is just right for most skin types. Not too dry and not oily or sticky at all. Personally, I will still set my makeup with loose powder after the foundation. 20150713_152232 As you can see, a small drop of foundation is able to provide pretty good coverage on my hand, and you can still see the shimmery/glowing effect of the Lumilayer Primer in a subtle way. They compliement each other just right, don't you think so? As I have mentioned above, my favourite way to use them will be to mix them in a 1:1 ratio on the back of my hand before I apply them to my face. This way, I can save time by applying just once, skip highlighting and also extend the "life" of my foundation hehe. image VDL has actually launched two new babies in their Lumilayer family this year - Lumilayer Primer Fresh with gold, red and white pigments as well as the handy Lumilayer Primer All Over Stick - which I have instagrammed earlier on this year. Will do a review on them when I have the time again! I can't wait to try their cushion and other make up too! Meanwhile, do give their lumilayer primer and foundation a try if you are looking for a reliable mid-range foundation! :)

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